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Tascam IXJ2

Tascam IXJ2

Tascam IXJ2 er et genialt lyd-interface for alle iOS-enheter. Her kan du koble til nær sagt alle lydkilder og den er så liten at du kan få plass til den i vestlomma. Den oppgradert AD-konverteren gir deg hele 100dB dynamikk - noe som er bedre enn mange eksterne opptakere kan tilby. I tillegg har den en analog limiterkrets som sikrer lydopptakene dine mot unødvendig og sjenerende overstyring. Men IXJ2 kan du gjøre profesjonelle opptak på din iPad eller din iPhone. Med et ekstra adapter vil den også virke på de nyeste Apple-telefonene.

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Main Features
  • Ideal for small-broadcast recording
    • Two inputs for Vertical or Horizontal use in MONO or STEREO
    • Independent input volume and LED
    • MONO SUM feature ideal for voice-recording and broadcasting
  • High-performance audio circuits for high-quality sound
    • Both inputs designed to receive microphone or line level
    • JRC NJM4580 operational amplifier
    • AK5357 A/D converter



Two inputs for Vertical or Horizontal use in MONO or STEREO

The iXJ2 has two 3.5mm (1/8") stereo-mini inputs for connecting either a monaural clip-microphone or a stereo microphone. The two inputs are placed on different sides of the device providing vertical or horizontal use.

Independent input volume and LED makes fine-tuning quick and easy

Inputs A/B can be adjusted independently making it possible to connect different sources to each input. For instance when using two mics for two people, you can make individual fine adjustments for each person with the large independent volume knobs.

MONO SUM feature - ideal for voice-recording and broadcasting

The MONO SUM feature, perfect for recording two people at once, mixes the monaural sound (same as L/R) from the two inputs. If the MONO SUM switch is set to ON, both input sounds are placed in the center.

Both inputs designed to receive microphone or line level

Both inputs accept a very wide input gain range – up to 56dB. This allows the connection of anything from keyboards, stereo audio players, and other line level outputs.

Mounted JRC NJM4580 operational amplifier provides clear sound

iXJ2's pre-amplifier circuit adopts the acclaimed NJM4580 operational amplifier to guarantee clear, crisp and decisive sound quality.

Stereo limiter with independent operation for each channel

The analog limiter reduces distortion when the input is pushed too hard. Select from stereo link operation and independent operation in order to meet your recording needs.

Mounted AK5357 A/D converter provides top-notch digital transference to your iOS devices

For amazing audio performance, the iXJ2 employs an AKM A/D converter to ensure that sound passing through the TASCAM unit to the iOS device does not degrade. Utilizing the AK5357 A/D converter, the iXJ2 achieves 100dB (@3V, 48kHz) S/N ratio and dynamic range.

Input select in all three modes

Stereo-microphone connected to INPUT A(Horizontal position) :

select "INPUT A".

Stereo-microphone connected to INPUT B(Vertical position) :

select "INPUT B".

Two monaural microphones connected to both inputs :

select "STEREO". If you switch on "MONO SUM", the two sounds mix to monaural.

Keyboard's stereo outputs connect to both inputs :

select "STEREO".

Ultra light-weight, take it anywhere

The iXJ2 is incredibly compact and light-weight while still maintaining high-quality sound. Take the iXJ2 anywhere.

Dedicated battery is not required

The iXJ2 is powered from your devices with minimal drain on your iOS device's battery life. With use of a mini-USB connector you are able to charge your iOS device via the iXJ2 for extended recordings.

TASCAM offers free Linear PCM Recording App

TASCAM's free "PCM Recorder" App is available for free on Apple's App Store. The iXj2 work with nearly all audio designed for the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, but TASCAM recommends the Linear PCM Recorder App for maximum compatibility with your device.

 Features List

  • Supports the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation)
  • Records with CD quality (depend to iOS)
  • Two stereo input jacks (A and B)
  • Each input jack can accept an unbalanced monaural input or unbalanced stereo input
  • Available mic and line level input at A/B
  • JRC NJM4580 operational amplifier mouted
  • Individual 2-color input/clip LED
  • Input select from three modes
  • Switchable plug-in power for A/B inputs
  • MONO SUM function
  • Analog limiter selectable to either mono/stereo