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Waves Reel ADT

Waves Reel ADT

Waves Reel ADT er en rekreasjon av en helt spesiell lydteknisk oppfinnelse som ble utvklet av Abbey Roads lydteknikkere på 60-tallet. Hele tanken var å lage en kunstig effekt for å dubbe et vokal-spor. På 60-tallet hvor man hadde begrenset antall spor tilgjengelig utviklet Ken Townsend en teknikk for å dobbel-tracke et vokal spor med de analoge båndmaskinene man benyttet den gangen. Nå har Waves i samarbeid med Abbey Road gjort en replika av dette med pluggen Reel ADT. ADT står forresten for Automatic Double Tracking...

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Waves/Abbey Road Reel ADT is the first plugin to successfully emulate Abbey Road Studios’ pioneering process of Artificial Double Tracking. The effect that would become an integral part of Abbey Road’s signature sound was initially created at the famed studios in the 1960s to meet the needs of some very special clients: The Beatles.

Reel ADT puts the magic of that era in your hands within seconds. Using its intuitive controls, you can advance or push back the doubled signal to achieve genuine, lush-sounding delay and pitch variations. You can also drive each of the signals separately to add beautiful tape saturations.

With its authentic modeled valve tape machine sound and faithful emulation of wow and flutter, this extraordinary plugin can enhance any track with the impression of two separate takes, giving you results as close as possible to real double tracking. Other classic Abbey Road tape effects such as flanging and phasing can also be achieved with ease.

All the character, depth and panoramic sound of this inimitable classic effect can now be created digitally, simply and for real: Reel ADT.

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