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Tascam TrackPack 4x4

Tascam TrackPack 4x4

Tascam US4x4TP (TP=TrackPack) er en flott startpakke for alle unge og eldre musikanter som vil komme i gang med innspilling i heimen. US4x4 er siste generasjon USB-lydkort fra Tascam, og med to studiomikrofoner inkludert, samt to sett hodetelefoner på kjøpet, har du en komplett opptaks- og monitorløsning. Den medfølgende Sonar X3 LE og Ableton 9 Lite programvare gjør deg i stand til å gjøre gode innspillinger, og det eneste du mangler er å koble til en datamaskin eller en iPad. NB! Dette er en bestillingsvare. Beregn fem dagers leveringstid.

  • Lydkort: Tascam US4x4
  • Mikrofon: Tascam TM80 x 2 (kondensatormikrofon)
  • Hodetelefon: TH-02 (lukket hodetelefon for opptak og miks)
  • Tilbehør: Mikrofonkabler, mikrofonoppheng og programvare

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The  TASCAM TRACKPACK 4x4 includes a US-4x4 interface, mics, headphones, and DAW software – everything musicians need to make great-sounding studio recordings of acoustic instruments. The US-4x4 is a 4-in/4-out USB interface with four Ultra-HDDA mic preamps. These preamps provide up to 57dB of gain and the best noise and distortion specs in their class. The audio design features high-performance, musical components like NE5532 op amps for rich sound quality without coloring the source. In addition to the four balanced line outputs, two headphone outputs are provided for monitoring while recording talent.

A pair of great-sounding TM-80 condenser microphones is also included. These cardioid mics include shockmounts, tabletop mic stands, and XLR cables to help you start recording right away. The mic pair is perfect for acoustic sources like acoustic guitar, drums, or recording a singer while performing with an instrument. To assist you while recording, two sets of TH-02 headphones are included. Use the US-4x4’s two headphone outs to monitor a performer while they play along with the track. The full-range, closed-back studio headphones are perfect for recording without bleed as well as perfecting your mix.

Also included with the interface are your choices of two DAW applications. Both Steinberg Cubase LE and Cakewalk SONAR LE are included, as well as gigabytes of loops, instruments, and effect plug-ins to start a production studio. For anyone looking to jumpstart their studio environment, the TASCAM TRACKPACK 4x4 is like a studio in a box.

Package includes 2 x shock-absorbing suspension, 2x table-top mic stand and 2 x mic cable.
(Included are essential microphone accessories - a shock-absorbing suspension to reduce bass rumble, 1.8-m XLR cable and table-top tripod - allowing you to set up at your desktop and record right away.)