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Elysia Mpressor 500

Elysia Mpressor 500

Direkte nedarvet fra Elysias Mpressor, får du nå denne glimrende kompressoren i 500-formatet. Det er sagt mye pent om Mpressoren av kjente lydfolk, og i flere tester. Elysia har designet en kompressor med lydmessig stort spenn, og her på huset elsker vi den på flere lydkilder, som vokal, gitar, bass, skarptromme. Den tilfører punsj og trøkk hvis man er på jakt etter det - men fungerer også til mer transparente oppgaver. I vår verden er Mpressor 500 ganske unik, rett og slett.

  • Diskre klasse-A design
  • En kompressor fra fremtiden
  • Bygget i Tyskland med gjennomgående kvalitetskomponenter

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The mpressor 500 brings the heritage of our extremely powerful rack mount mpressor into the 500 series format. Like its bigger brother, the mpressor 500 combines serious punch with a full and detailed class-A sound. Its great tone and flexibility make it an excellent choice for recording and mixing, while its remarkable special features take it far beyond the borders of what normal compressors can do.

Extreme time constants, negative ratios, “antilog” release and elysia’s innovative gain reduction limiter provide a whole spectrum of unique dynamics shaping options. A new feature of the 500 series module is its switchable THD boost allowing on-the-fly signal coloration and saturation effects capable of delivering a grittier flavor. It's massive sound, next generation features and its creative approach make the mpressor 500 a truly outstanding tool in the world of dynamics processing – the compressor from the future.

• Discrete Class-A Topology

  Expensive boutique sound made affordable.

• THD Boost

  Harmonics for a grittier flavor.

• Auto Fast

  Perfect attack in any situation.

• Anti Log

  Instant pumping & breathing.

• Negative Ratios

  Unique compression effects.

• Gain Reduction Limiter

  Ultimate control over compression.

• Stepped Controllers
  Fast and easy recall guaranteed.

• Made in Germany
  Build quality without compromise.

More to know:

THD Boost
This switchable harmonics generator allows on-the-fly signal coloration and saturation effects capable of delivering a grittier flavor.

Activating the THD Boost function raises the level in front of the gain control element. This generates additional harmonics inside the input stage of this amplifier, which has a significant influence on the sonic structure of a signal. The mpressor 500 is a pure feed forward compressor, and the gain potentiometer is placed before the control element. This means that the intensity of the saturation can be raised or lowered by different settings of the gain controller.

What’s special: The detector in the sidechain of the compressor runs in parallel and is therefore not influenced by the THD Boost at all. The actual compression does not change, it is only the sound which is being influenced. You generate a saturated signal which as a result is also reduced in dynamics, but the actual control of the compressor itself is always based on the original dynamics including all transients, impulses and so on.


Transconductance Amplifier
The custom discrete gain reduction cell of the mpressor 500 provides low noise, extremely fast time constants and all the punch in the world.

A crucial part in the development process of a compressor is to design its control element that reduces the audio signal controlled by voltage. This is also where the main technological concepts show the most obvious differences. The mpressor 500 uses elysia’s special Transconductance Amplifier (TCA). A differential pair of transistors that uses a modulated current source to affect the amount of amplification builds the core of this module. A few extra transistors were added in order to further decrease noise and unwanted influences of the control voltage.

Another advantage of the TCA topology is the very fast response to the control voltage. This is the basis for a compressor that can even handle rapid changes in dynamics and which provides extremely fast time constants. Also remarkable is the fact that the make up gain was designed as an amplification of the input signal. This is running parallel to the sidechain path and therefore does not have any unwanted influence on the processing itself. The essential advantage of this arrangement is that the background noise always stays at the same level, no matter how much amplification is applied.


Teknisk informasjon


Frequency response: <10 Hz - 390 kHz (-3 dB)
@ 0 dBu, 20 Hz - 22 kHz
@ 10 dBu, 20 Hz - 22 kHz
@ 0 dBu, 20 Hz - 22 kHz, THD Boost
@ 10 dBu, 20 Hz - 22 kHz, THD Boost

0.04 %
0.19 %
0.24 %
2.20 %
Noise floor:
20 Hz - 20 kHz (A-weighted)

20 Hz - 20 kHz (A-weighted), THD Boost

-79 dBu
-87 dBu
Dynamic range:
20 Hz - 22 kHz

99 dB
Maximum level:


21 dBu
22 dBu

10 kOhm
68 Ohm
Power Consumption:

75 mA

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