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Focal Alpha 65

Focal Alpha 65

Den suverene Alpha 65 er nå på lager i Norge. En flott rimelig studiomonitor med svært profesjonelle spesifikasjoner. Et 6,5-tommers mellomtone/basselement sørger for nydelig og linjær gjengivelse i hele bass- og mellomtone registeret. I tillegg er dette en meget dynamisk studiomonitor, som gir deg et arbeidsverktøy du vil kunne stole på, enten du jobber med opptak, miksing eller kritisk lydarbeid. Ikke mindre enn 105 watt pr høyttaler gir deg en utmerket oppløsning, luftighet og en response du ikke forventer å finne i dette prissegmentet. Alpha 65 har selvsagt Focals patenterte kjennemerke; - den inverterte diskanten, som gir deg en ufarget gjengivelse opp til 22 kHz.

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The Alpha 65 performs just as well with instrumental music as with electronic music, and is characterised by its great versatility.

This model is composed of a 6.5” (16.5cm) woofer/ midrange speaker with a Polyglass cone loaded in a large laminar port associated to a 70W amplifier and of a 1" (25mm) aluminum inverted dome tweeter (35W amplifier). Alpha 65 has a frequency response of 40Hz to 22kHz (+/- 3dB).

  • Low directivity: keeps the same sound throughout the room 
  • Damping and rigidity: neutrality, no distortion 
  • Tonal balance is identical at low and high volumes; low sensitivity to wall effects
  • Connect up to 2 audio sources
  • Optimal acoustic integration
  • Reduced power consumption

Take your compositions to a whole new level!
Thanks to Focal’s exclusive technologies, its expertise in terms of speaker drivers and to the mechanical design of Alpha studio monitors, optimum integration is guaranteed. The environments for music production are very diverse, they are not optimised acoustically, or have only been done so insufficiently, and the listening distances vary greatly. Whether for confined spaces, rooms with poor acoustic qualities or for styles of music, which require neutrality, dynamics and high SPL, Alpha studio monitors are the solution for you. Right from the first stages of R&D, the Alpha line was designed as a solution to these problems whilst focusing on one objective in particular: improving the quality of music production by giving the user better control over the audio spectrum. 

Technology at the service of music creation

This is reflected in the choice of technologies used, such as the inverted dome tweeter, that provide a very linear treble, reveal the slightest imperfections of equalisation even from a short distance away and also prevent auditory fatigue ; the Polyglass cone woofer, which gives excellent damping qualities, ensuring flawless neutrality over the entire bass/high‑midrange frequency spectrum, and a remarkable transparency to the midrange frequencies  ; and the unique bass‑reflex design with large double front ports, which improves acoustical integration even in confined spaces nor installed near a front wall.

Finally each Alpha studio monitor is equipped with two class AB amplifiers. The high‑current amplifiers enable complete control of the dynamics of the audio signal. This also allows for listening at high volumes without distortion.

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Teknisk informasjon

Frequency response: (+/- 3dB): 40Hz - 22kHz
Power: 105W (70W+35W)
Maximum SPL: 106dB SPL (pic @ 1m)
Connectors: XLR balanced 10kOhms, RCA unbalanced 10kOhms with sensitivity compensation
LF amplifier stage: 70W, class AB
HF amplifier stage: 35W, class AB
Standby: Activation of the monitor after about 30 minutes without using the monitor By signal detection >3 mV
Sensitivity Adjustable, 0 or +6dB
LF shelving (0 - 300Hz) Adjustable, +/-6dB
HF shelving (4.5 - 22kHz) Adjustable, +/-3dB
Power ON/OFF Switch on rear panel

Standby mode power consumption:  < 0,5W
Woofer: 6.5" (16.5cm) drive unit - Polyglass cone
Tweeter: 1" (25mm) drive unit aluminium inverted dome
Cabinet construction: 0.6" (15mm) MDF Finish Vinyl and Black painting
Dimensions: (HxWxD) 348 x 252 x 309mm
Weight: 9.4kg

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