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Origin Effects Revival Drive

Origin Effects Revival Drive

Origin Effects Revival Drive henter sin inspirasjon fra eldre rørforsterkere, og evner å gjenskape den magiske tonen i britiske og amerikanske rørforsterkere fra glansperioden på 70-tallet. Alle aspekter ved disse klassiske gitarforsterkerne er gjenskapt med analoge kretser som gir deg "hel ved" hele veien igjennom. To kretser, som gir deg en utrolig fleksibilitet, og ikke minst mulighet for å fungere sømløst med din eksisterende favorittforsterker. Sjekk ut videoene under, så skjønner du vår euforiske begeistring!

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The Origin Effects RevivalDrive takes its inspiration from vintage valve amps, delivering an unabridged amp-style overdrive with an extensive range of controls for the ultimate performance. The RevivalDrive Pedal is designed to recreate the same signal path found in vintage valve amps, from the preamp, phaser inverter, power, and rectifier stages to reproduce every aspect of the amp’s behaviour, something that has never previously been captured in a pedal. The result is an accurate range of British and American amp tones that can be tweaked to your personal preferences thanks to its wide variety of controllable parameters. The addition of a ghost control also allows players to create the unique doubling tone or ghost note effect that could be found on some amps, while the in-built mid boost offers extra punch to cut through dense mixes. Also featuring a built-in reactive load to deliver an amp-like feel and realistic harmonics, the Origin Effects RevivalDrive delivers unique tones that will tailor its output to suit your favourite amp.

Amp-Like Overdrive in Pedal Form
Unlike other overdrive pedals which look at stompboxes for inspiration, the engineers at Origin Effects took their inspiration from the overdrives of actual valve amps, extensively researching and experiment with the sound to deliver the ultimate variety of British and American amp tones. The RevivalDrive offers an unabridged valve amp-style signal path, recreated in analogue electronics and replacing the valve with a discrete transistor-based circuitry to offer the ultimate performance. Everything typical of a vintage valve amp signal path has been faithfully recreated in the RevivalDrive, resulting in a faithful reproduction of classic amp tones, ranging from beautiful cleans to fully cranked soundscapes.

To ensure players received the ultimate amp-like overdrive, the Origin Effects Pedal was also equipped with dual class-A preamp stages, providing a realistic gain-staging and natural sounding clipping. The phase inverter and push-pull power amp stages were added to give the overall tone a realistic response, delivering symmetrical harmonics, subtle crossover distortion, and providing a touch sensitive drive quality. The RevivalDrive also features a built-in reactive load, modelling the interactions between a real valve output stage and speaker cabinet to deliver the feel and harmonics of a real amp.

Extensive Controls Provide Personalised Performance
Along with its incredible tones, the RevivalDrive also features an intuitive control layout to provide the ultimate tone shaping capabilities and deliver a truly personalised performance. Both valve and silicon rectifier channels are equipped with a variety of independent controls, letting you experiment with each element of both circuits, essentially redesigning the amp sound as you go. The addition of a ghost control provides the ability to recreate the doubled-up tone or ghost note effects that were present on some amps, while adjusting the preamp voicing and ''bright capacitors'' lets you switch between British and American amp characteristics. With its unique controls deliver excellent tone tailoring, the RevivalDrive can deliver everything from clean and defined overdrives to full on brutal distortion.

Dip Switch Section
Another unique feature of the Origin Effects Overdrive Pedal is its three dip switches located in between the DC and footswitch inputs, allowing players to fine tune aspects of the pedal to suit a variety of setups. Players can choose to turn the valve rectifier channel into a secondary silicon rectifier channel, offering the ability to set up two similar amp sounds that can be switched between during a performance. The second dip switch can be used to toggle the simulated mains output supply between American and British frequencies, altering the overall character of the ghost tones. The third switch allows players to use the pedal’s preamp-style tone shaping on flat-response amps and PA’s, even when the pedal is in bypass mode.

About Origin Effects
British audio designer Simon Keats started Origin Effects through a genuine desire to produce quality audio tools that he wanted to use. He believes that the tools he creates just won’t be matched by 'off-the-shelf- FX pedals and many modern players would agree. Each pedal is individually hand built, expertly calibrated, assembled, tested, and finished in the UK.

About Designer Simon Keats
As a guitarist himself, Simon understands the needs of modern players. As a highly experienced audio engineer and designer he has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry before creating Origin Effects to showcase some of his own best, creations. They are all designed to replicate those elusive legacy tones that guitarists lust over whilst retaining the soul of each instrument.


  • Dual Class-A preamp stages
  • Phase inverter and push-pull power amp stages
  • Built-in reactive speaker load
  • Solid-state and valve-styled rectifier channels
  • Preamp and bright cap voicing switches
  • Dry/O.D. blend control
  • Fully variable mid boost
  • Powerful re-amp EQ
  • High-current, low-noise electronics
  • Ultra-high input impedance
  • Silent switching
  • High-quality “signal-conditioning” bypass mode
  • Premium components throughout
  • Advanced power supply filtering and protection
  • PSU Spec. 120mA @ 9V, centre-negative (PSU not included)
  • Optional footswitch allows remote mid boost engage and dry blend override
  • Designed and built in England


Teknisk informasjon

  • Controls:
    • Knobs: 2 x Volume, 2 x Lows, 2 x More/Pres, 2 x Output, 2 x Blend, 2 x Ghost
    • Switches: 2 x Bright-Cap, 2 x Preamp, Mid Assign, Re-Amp EQ
    • Dials: Mid Level, Mid Frequency, Dry Gain, Hi Shelf, Bri-Cap Cut
    • DIP Switches: Mode (1/2/3)
  • Connectors: Amp, F/Switch, INSTR
  • Weight: 1200 g
  • Dimensions: 160 x 117x 59 mm

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