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TC Electronic Rusty Fuzz

TC Electronic Rusty Fuzz

Silikon er ikke bare noe man fyller opp enkelte kroppsdeler med eller bruker i mikroprosessorer i datamaskiner - og nei, det finnes ikke en dal laget av det heller. Men i Rusty Fuzz får du silikon av beste merke i form av en deilig silikonbasert krets, som er gjenskapt etter 60-tallets legendariske Fuzz Face. TC jukser ikke, og det hører man! Denne er rett og slett møkka-kuuul! Sendes fra fjernlager. Beregn tre, fire dagers leveringstid.

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Rusty Fuzz delivers those vintage silicon-based fuzz tones of yesteryear that we've all come to know and love, but at a price point well below that of vintage gear so everybody can play along. From silky-smooth sustain to ripping velcro-fuzz tones, it's all there! So whether you're experienced or not (See what we did there?), this compact true bypass pedal is sure to cover your old-school fuzz needs.

Rusty Fuzz is inspired by the legendary silicon Fuzz Face circuits that helped shape the sound of rock as we know it, from the late 1960s and until today. It's known for its smooth gain structure and dynamic character, which enables you to tap into a ton of tones simply by how hard you attack the strings or by increasing or decreasing your guitar's output via the volume pot. Have fun exploring a world of fuzz.

Turning on Rusty Fuzz is like taking a trip in a tonal time machine. One minute you're rockin' gnarly Hendrix-approved velcro tones, and the other your guitar is pouring out heavenly Eric Johnson and David Gilmour-like solo sustain. You can also push it and get more modern and ferocious gated fuzz tones ala Queens Of The Stone Age. It's your sonic journey. You decide where you wanna go! Vintage fuzz pedals are known for three things. 1) They sound great 2) They're huuuuuuge (reading this in Donald Trump's voice is optional) 3) They alter your tone when bypassed. Rusty Fuzz stays true to the great classic tone, while alleviating the pesky downsides of old fuzz pedals by placing the circuit inside a super-solid but compact enclosure with top-mounted jacks and true bypass. This fuzz is fit for any board and any stage.

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