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TC Electronic Tube Pilot

TC Electronic Tube Pilot

Hel-analog pedal med 12AX7-rør for genuin rør-vreng. TC har brukt lang tid på å utvikle en pedal som gir deg klassisk rør-tone av beste merke, uten at det koster skjorta.

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Is your playing writing checks that your tone can't cash? Don't worry! Tube Pilot Overdrive is full of the organic, touch sensitive saturation of a vintage tube amp being pushed into the danger zone and propels your tone to the stratosphere. Powerful enough to satisfy any guitar ace feeling the need for speed, Tube Pilot's fire spitting tones are powered by a glowing 12AX7 vacuum tube for authentic amp response. Kick in the afterburner and take the lead!

12AX7 tube-powered overdrive
All-analog circuitry
True Bypass


Tube Pilot gives you the sound and feel of an old school tube preamp being pushed into natural distortion. Inside the pedal lives a 12AX7 vacuum tube like that used in preamp stages on many, many classic guitar amps, producing the rich, harmonically saturated overdrive that only tubes can produce. Using the Tube Drive knob on the pedal, you control how hard the tube is working. From barely breaking a sweat to switching on the afterburners and blasting into the stratosphere.

The tone and feel you get from Tube Pilot is like what you'd get from an old school tube amplifier. It's extremely touch sensitive and reacts to how you attack the strings. Just like on a vintage tube amp turned up, you can use picking dynamics to seamlessly go from warm, clean chimes to fat blues tones or rich, grinding rock sounds with plenty of sustain. Housed in a high quality metal exterior, Tube Pilot Overdrive is sturdy and rugged and will serve you reliably out on the road with its tough metal enclosure and high quality materials. The all-analog circuitry operates quietly and true bypass technology maintains the integrity of your tone when the pedal is off.

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