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Hayden Mini MoFo & 112F

Hayden Mini MoFo & 112F

Nydelig 15 watts gitar-topp til superhyggelig pris, paret med et 12-tommers kabinett fra Hayden. Mini MoFo har stor tone og store variasjonsmuligheter. Utgangsrøret (EL84 x 2) gir deg alt fra sinna og hissig rørdrive, til rund og tykkfallen fløtekrem ved mer nyansert volum. Du kan velge mellom 2 eller 15 watts effekt, noe som gir uante tonale muligheter. Hør bare hva som er sagt i tester om denne lille rakker´n: "Superior note definition and tone that could give some boutique products a hard time"

Et komplett oppsett igjen, inkludert:

  • 1 x MiniMofo, 15 watts rørtopp
  • 1 x Hayden 112 kabinett
  • 1 x Schulz NBEX1 høyttalerkabel


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Hayden is a relatively new name in amplifier circles. The company was formed in 2006 in the UK as a guitar-centric sister company to Ashdown, a brand known for their bass amps.

Hayden didn’t fool around when it came to developing their new line. They recruited Matamp’s chief engineer Dave Green to design their amps and developed two main product lines—a handwired series made in England and a more affordable line of PCB construction amps made in China. This year, Hayden retooled and restyled their amp lineup, including our review amp, the Mini MoFo 15, a lunchbox-sized head equipped with two EL84 power tubes and one ECC83 preamp tube

One of the most impressive features on the MoFo 15 is the 15w/2w switch which in simple speak gives you the same tone in both the bedroom/studio and the stage.

Premier Guitar Review

"For the first half of our rehearsal, it was just the drummer and me. With the EQ controls and gain all at noon, volume at 9:30, and mode set to stage, I enjoyed the roar I got from the Mini MoFo so much that I played on without changing a setting for 20 minutes. Even with a limited set of controls, there are a wide variety of sounds on tap. And depending on how I had my guitar volume knob set, I could move from gnarly, Brit-rock vibes to a John Scofield-like, semi-dirty lead sound.

When the rest of the band arrived (another guitarist and a very loud bass player), I feared the Mini MoFo 15 would be in trouble. My fears were soon assuaged when the other guitarist, playing through a Marshall JCM900, asked me to turn down twice."

"Depending on how I had my guitar volume knob set, I could move from gnarly, Brit-rock vibes to a John Scofield-like, semi-dirty lead sound."
"If you need a great sounding, simple amp in a super-compact package, the Mini MoFo is a bonafide giant killer. And for players who tend toward rocking, it might just stand tallest among its fellow tiny overachievers."

This is what Hayden say about the Hayden MoFo 15w

The Mini MoFo by Hayden is a valve guitar amp with a whole lot of attitude. But unlike other mini guitar amp heads, the MoFo is definitely not a one trick pony. From stunning bell like clean tones with real depth to plexi-esque classic rock crunch, right up to full on metal mayhem, the 15 watt MoFo head does it all.

Redesigned from the ground up The New Mini Mofo has been engineered into a smaller, lighter package clothed in steel with an industrial strength coated texture finish. Integral handle and smart new front panel design complete the exterior.

Internally the amplifier features the oversized high performance transformers Hayden has become famous for, and the high gain circuitry has been tuned after hours of consultation with many renowned guitarists to fulfil the desires of today.s modern player. Simplified controls allow easy access to the amazing range of tones available from this single channel amplifier.

Portable yet potent the Mofo 15 punches way above its weight. With high gain stages the MoFo 15 does it all from classic clean tones through biting classic rock crunch to full metal mayhem.

And when you're rehearsing, you'll love the Studio/stage switch on the front panel that lowers the amp's power section from 15 watts to around 2 watts letting your MoFo scream, without the neighbours screaming at you...perfect for those late night studio sessions.

And the versatility doesn't stop with the sounds. Integral  handles and padded carry bag mean you can take your MoFo wherever great tone is needed. With both 8 and 16 Ohm speaker outputs, the MoFo can drive a wide range of cabinets from a boutique 1x12" in the studio right up to a 4x12" on the concert stage.

And the new for 2013 the "Magic Eye" indicator tube displays the amplifier's performance.


Teknisk informasjon

  • MoFo - 15 Watts from 2 x EL84 valves
  • Studio/Stage switch reduces overall volume for practice use
  • High gain stages for classic clean tones through to full high gain rock
  • 8/16 Ohm speaker outputs for a variety of cabinet options
  • Bass, middle, treble and presence controls
  • ECC 83 tube preamp
  • Magic eye indicator
  • Rugged steel chassis with industrial texture finish
  • Padded gigbag with shoulder strap included
Power Output (RMS) 15 watts in Stage mode 2 watts in Studio Mode
Speaker Outputs 1 x 8 ohm 1 x 16 ohm
Output Tubes 2 x EL84

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