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Laney Lionheart L5T-112

Laney Lionheart L5T-112

Gir deg alle fyldige, klassiske toner som varme rør ved hard belastning kan gi deg, på volumer tilpasset enhver situasjon. Ren rør pre-amp med ”singleended” klasse A sluttrinn med 1 stk EL84 rør sammen med 3 stk 12AX7 forforsterkerrør. Har samme kontrollegenskaper som L20H men er her som en 5 watts combo. 1 x 12” Celestion G12H høyttaler som gir en varm sukkersøt lyd. TILT-mekanisme for optimal kabinettretning. L5T-112 er “open-back”.

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With less of a emphasis on preamp distortion, with the L5T-112 you can hear and feel the power tubes clipping to breakup, giving a much richer harmonic content and a larger dynamic range. With the L5T-112 you can really feel and hear the differences in tone based on your picking technique. Pick harder and the amplifier breaks up more. Pick lighter and the tone cleans up. The Single-ended Class-A circuitry, as used in the Lionheart series, means the EL84 output valve is connected to one side of the L5T-112 output transformer's primary winding. The other side of the transformer primary is wired to the power supply. While giving less output power than the alternative push-pull circuitry, single-ended Class-A produces more even order harmonics when over-driven. A great advantage to guitar players as even order harmonics provide the rich tone associated with classic Class-A valve guitar amps


This amplifier is extremely responsive to the volume control on your guitar. It is easy to roll the volume back to completely clean up the sound. The L5T-112 really brings the best out of your guitar.

Strats sound sparkly and bell like, Tele's bite and twang, and Les Paul's sing and sustain.
The L5T-112's overall tone control can be used to great effect. For example, you could add more sparkle to a humbucker tone, or take off some of the high end from a biting single coil tone.


The L5T-112 offers serious tone that is often difficult to find in amplifiers costing twice the price Features such as gold plated PCB's and jack sockets, sealed gold contact relays are used in all signal paths for minimum sound coloration, and each amplifier comes fitted with the renowned "Type 4" large spring line reverb for the classic guitar reverb sound. Each Lionheart features a hand stamped 'build number' in the order they come off the Laney production line, and comes with a custom made 'Lionheart' dust cover.

The L5T-112 also features a unique tilt mechanism enabling you to angle the speakers onstage.

The Lionheart L5T-112, a modern classic in both looks and tone, designed and manufactured with pride, in Great Britain.

Teknisk informasjon

Baffle Marine Grade Plywood
Bright Switch Yes
Cabinet Design Marine Grade Plywood cabinet with retro banding strip.  
Channel Controls Gain (Clean), Gain & Volume (Drive)
Channels Clean & Drive
Class Class A
Cover Supplied with custom embroidered slip cover
Packed Dimensions (HxWxD mm)       550 x 628 x 319
Drivers 1x 12" Celestion Heritage G12H
Equalisation Passive Bass, Middle and Treble
Footswitch FS2 (Included)
FX Loop(s) Yes
Impedance 4 and 8 ohm
Inputs 2x Jack, Hi & Lo
Master Section Global EQ, Reverb and Tone controls                              
Output Valves 1x EL84
Power 5 Watts
Preamp Valves 3x 12ax7
Reverb Yes
Speaker connections 2x Jacks
Weight 22.5 Kg Packed, 19 Kg Unit
Unit Dims - for int. case (HxWxD mm) 423 x 562 x 253