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TC Electronic K115 basskabinett

TC Electronic K115 basskabinett

Med beskjedne 23 og en halv kilo på strømpelesten er "the subsonic sledgehammer": - K115, et glimrende basskabinett på 400 watt! Et spesialutviklet 15-tommers element sørger for grom basslyd. 8 ohms impedanse muliggjør stacking sammen med andre kabinetter i K-serien ved behov.

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Our line of K-Cabs is the pinnacle of beauty and tone compiled into four impressive and lightweight 8Ohm bass cabinets. The line consists of a clear and punchy 210, a crisp and rich sounding 212 and a heavenly roaring 410 and a muscular 115, all packed with high-quality custom drivers, a 1" titanium tweeter, and the ability to blow you away!

If you want the bass and nothing but the bass, then K-115 is the cabinet you're looking for. Its high-quality 15" custom driver offers enough gut-punching low-end tone to knock out the Hulk, while its sturdy build, lightweight design and cool vintage look make it a perfect fit for the quality-minded gigging musician. Just hook this 8ohm and 400watt bad boy up, and get ready to blow people away!

Everybody likes a great team player. Somebody that just helps the rest of the team perform better. K-115 is exactly that guy! It's good on its own, but combined with one of our other K-cabs it's even better. Combine it with our K-410 and get a wonderfully warm and beefy bass tone. Hook it up with a K-210 or K-212 for a brilliant mix between sparkling highs and pumping lows. No matter what you choose it's sure to be a winning combination.

When designing a bass cabinet nothing is more important than the interaction between the driver and the natural resonance of the cabinet itself. Hence we went ahead and developed our own 15" driver for the cab's sturdy plywood construction. The result? An extremely organic and powerful subsonic tone that'll bring out all the lovely low-end you could ever need.

Yes, K-115 is quite the beauty. The cool vintage-vibed look is sure to turn some heads out there, but what really makes this cab stand out is how beautiful it is on the inside. Built on tough yet lightweight materials and sporting a sleek and portable design, K-115 is a true lifesaver for the gigging musician that wants an easy to transport cabinet without compromising on tone.