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2Box Trigit

2Box Trigit

Komplett sett triggere til trommer: 1 x basstromme-, 1 x skarp- og 3 x tam-triggere. Designet gjør den enkel å feste og triggerne får god kontakt med skinnet. Virker like bra på akustiske trommer som på Mesh-hoder.

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The 2Box Trigit Trigger set is a set of 5 responsive and compact triggers for acoustic drums which allow you to sample your drums into a range of unique drum sounds via an electronic drum module. With a solid metal enclosure, special foam detector and silicon covered tip the Trigit simply clips onto your drums and sends a signal to your drum module via the Piezo transducers making it great for both live and studio scenarios.

Professional Triggering
Additionally the Trigit trigger uses long life Piezo transducers to provide quick response and multiple articulations to ensure a natural and realistic sound. Due to the second transducer in the stereo triggers you can also set up side hits or samples to be signalled from rim shots.

Module Compatibility
Using the 2Box Trigit Triggers you can successfully turn your existing kit into a professional sounding super kit. Simply attach the triggers to your acoustic drums and connect to any drum module via the 1/4" jack connection to start sampling your own unique drum sounds.

Studio Applications
Trigit can also be used in the studio as a shortcut for drum recording for artists who normally sample their drums. The Trigit sends electronic signals to the connected hardware to provide a digital map of the drum playing thus allowing you to record cymbals with no drum spill and sample the desired drum sounds later.


  • Combine any acoustic kick drum with any electronic drum module
  • Professional-sounding drums even with old or poorly tuned drumheads
  • Different sounds and styles with only one drum set
  • Trigger percussion or sound effects via the drum rim (Stereo Triggers)
  • Practice without keeping the neighbours awake (using silent heads)
  • Long life Piezo transducer for consistent and fast triggering
  • Silicon covered hooks to reduce sliding and avoid scratches
  • Special foam controller with unique "memory" feature
  • Standard 1/4" jack connectivity
  • Robust metal housing to protect transducers against stray stick hits

Teknisk informasjon


Kick Drum Trigger

  • Trigger Type: Kick
  • Number of Triggers: 1
  • Trigger Zones: 1
  • Connection: 1/4" Jack
  • Transducer: 1 x Piezo
  • Controller: Foam
  • Attachment: Silicon Covered
  • Housing: Metal

Snare/Tom Triggers

  • Trigger Type: Snare/Tom
  • Number of Triggers: 4
  • Trigger Zones: 2
  • Connection: 1/4" Jack
  • Transducer: 2 x Piezo
  • Controller: Foam
  • Attachment: Silicon Covered
  • Housing: Metal