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Crown USBX trådløst aksesspunkt

Crown USBX trådløst aksesspunkt

Crown USBX er i prinsippet en liten PC med Linux, som har to USB-porter, en Ethernet-port og innebygget WAP. Via to USB-hub’er kan du da koble på opptil 8 XTi, CDi og/eller DSi forsterkere, og fjernstyre disse over iOS-app’en Powered by Crown.

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A built-in Wi-Fi access point allows USBX to become a powerful and convenient tool for managing Crown XTi, CDi, DSi devices via the Powered by Crown iOS application. The primary intended use of USBX is as an interface to Crown USB-enabled amplifiers which connect either directly, or via a downstream USB hub, to a USB port on USBX. Then the amplifiers can be accessed via the RJ45 gigabit Ethernet port on USBX, or wirelessly via the wireless access point which is built into USBX.

  • Completely self-contained unit easily integrates into existing systems that include Crown XTi, CDi, and DSi amplifiers
  • Perfect for mobile PA systems, movie theaters, small to medium fixed installations and more
  • For quick access to adjusting levels and monitoring I/O meters, use an iDevice with the Powered by Crown app to instantly communicate with attached amplifiers over Wi-Fi with USBX
  • For power users, use the built-in wireless access point or the 1Gbps wired Ethernet connection on USBX to control USB-connected amplifiers via a computer running System Architect