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ProDG Altea I

ProDG Altea I

ProDG Altea er en fabelaktig velspillende og lettrigget PA. En liten mini line-array rigg som en mann med svake rygg enkelt rigger! I dette oppsettet har vi satt sammen en rigg bestående av 4 topp-kasser (2M6 L.A.) og to enkle 18" subber. Flybraketter eller ramme for stack (valgfritt) - er inkludert. Toppkassene kan både henges og stackes, og for et lite tillegg kan du bestille med begge riggeløsninger. Selv om ProDG er nytt og relativt ukjent i Norge, kan vi gå god for den utsøkte kvaliteten. ProDG har i spansktalende land tatt store markedsandeler med sine fantastiske systemer - og vi anbefaler norske kunder gripe anledningen nå, før ProDG blir allemannseie og prisene øker.

Komplett system består av:

  • 4 stykk 2M6 L.A.
  • 2 stykk IT118F1000
  • Rammer for stacking, og komplett kabling
  • 6000 w forsterkning, lev. i rack m. dsp.


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kr 78 220,00


The ideal portable Line Array system for multiple applications as near field reinforcement and main PA for touring or permanent installation on wall or ceiling support, specially for vocals and instruments, frontfill, sidefill and various applications. ALTEA is the most powerful and useful line array system of its rank. It can work on stack mode with subwoofer or on flight mode, using flight hardware.

Prediction Software: EASE FOCUS Prediction Software for all the systems from ALTEA SERIES available, to simulate their response in different venues with different assemblies (consult with technical service).

Software for Signal Processing: available for all the ALTEA SERIES which allows, via USB connection with the PC to the internal processor and select different configured factory presets, to optimize the system at any situation or event. These settings can be locked into the amp for secure operations later - or unlocked and operated directly at the amp. We are custom-tuning the setup with 2 x Class-D lightweight amps of the iNuke-series.


IT 2M6 L.A. Small multipurpose system of 2-ways, it can be used in addition as Line Array system, equipped with two (2) speakers of 6,5" in a tuned enclosure. The HF section has one (1) compression driver of 1” coupled to one (1) rotating diffuser 90X60.  The best solution as small P.A. Frontfill and sidefill in outdoor events or permanent installation and multiple applications.

IT 118F1000 High-performance subwoofer system, equipped with one (1) speaker of 18" in a tunned enclosure. Ideal as bass reinforcement for all systems. To use as P.A. in outdoor events and permanent installation where it is necessary high performance and SPL. Since it is a subwoofer system, the transducer configuration generates an omnidirectional audio projection.

All cabling, fly-ware or stack-ware, are included. Offer is limited.

All products are proudly handcrafted in Spain:

Teknisk informasjon

ProDG IT 2M6 L.A.

Power Handling: 450 W RMS (EIA 426A Standard) programme of 900 W / 1800 W peak.
Nominal Impendence:
 16 Ohm
Average Sensitivity:
 99 dB / 2.83 V / 1m (average of 150-16000 Hz wideband).
Calculated Maximum SPL: 
/ 1m 125 dB continuous / 128 dB programme / 131 dB peak.
Frequency Range:
 +/- 3 dB from 65 Hz to 19 KHz
Nominal Directivity: 
90x60 rotating diffuser
Low / Mid Frequency Driver:
 Two (2) Beyma speakers of 6,5", 8 Ohm, 200 W 165mm (2”) of diameter with high temperature glass fiber voice coil.
High Frequency Driver: 
One (1) Beyma driver of 1", 16 Ohm, 50 W, 25mm exit, (34.4mm) with diaphragm voice coil.
Recommended Amplifier: 
Pro DG systems  GT 8.0 or Lab Gruppen FP 3400, FP 6000 Q.
 2 NL4MP speakon connectors.
Acoustic Box:
 CNC model, 15 and 18mm made from birch wood plated on the exterior.
Standard black paint job.
Box Dimensions:
 (HxWxD) 235x570x240mm (9.25”x22.44”x9.45”).
17,6 Kg (38.80 lbs) net weight/ 18.8 Kg (41.45 lbs) gross weight with packing materials.


ProDG IT118F1000:

Power Handling: 
1000 W RMS (EIA 426A Standard). Programme of 2000 W / 4000 W peak.
Nominal Impedance
: 8 Ohm (8.8 mínimo a 40 Hz)
Average Sensitivity: 
100 dB / 2.83 V/1m (average of 50 - 1000 Hz wideband)
Calculated Maximum SPL: 
/ 1m 131 dB continuous / programme of 134 dB / 137 dB peak.
Frequency Response: 
(-6 dB) 30 Hz - 1000 Hz.
Frequency Range: 
+/- 3 dB from 40 to 1000 Hz.
Nominal Directivity:
Low Frequency Driver:
 One (1) Beyma speaker of 18", 8 Ohm, 1000 W, 485 mm in diameter with high temperature, glass fiber voice coil.
Recommended Amplifier: 
Pro DG Systems GT 1.2 V or Lab Gruppen FP 3400, FP 6000Q.
2 NL4MP speakon connectors.
Acoustic Box: 
CNC model, 18 mm made from birch wood plated on the exterior.
Standard black paint job.
Box Dimensions:
 (HxWxD); 690x580x680mm (27,17”x22,83”x26,77”)

Amp Rack:
iNuke 3000DSP:Custom tuned for Altea-series, rack-mounted

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