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Cream Instrument Cable 6m

Cream Instrument Cable 6m

The Chord Company er et britisk selskap som er kjent for sine fantastiske kabler, spesielt innen Hi-Fi segmentet. Nå har de tatt med seg sine erfaringer og designet noen suverene kabler til instrumenter og mikrofoner. Dette er ikke kabler i budsjettklassen, men vi råder deg til å teste disse... Et instrument til ti tusen kroner eller mer, bør ikke avspises med ei plastikksnor til kabel. Sjekk ut Cream-serien!

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The Cream instrument-cable of six metres is a special designed cable for electric guitar and bass, developed by the Chord Company. The Chord Company isn’t just full of music lovers; it’s full of musicians as well. We have guitarists, bass players, drummers and Sally, the owner of the company, is a Grade 7 pianist with a beautiful Blüthner grand piano. We also have friends who run recording studios - and have supplied cables for both recording and mastering studios.

Check out “Standing Room Only” by Kanute. It’s a great album and was recorded in a studio that uses Chord cables throughout. We also make high performance microphone cables and of course, instrument cables. Chord Cream instrument cable is available in ¼ inch jack and XLR configurations.

Cream instrument cable was designed using the same principles that we use for interconnect cables, with special attention paid to mechanical damping. An important feature for any cable that’s going to be used on stage, especially if you’re someone that likes to jump around! Reliability, with any instrument cable, is important. When we were developing Cream, it underwent extensive testing. Not just by the players at Chord, but by other musicians we knew. We road tested Cream cables for two years to be certain they would stand up to repeated live performances before putting them into production. Cream was long-term tested by double-bass players, electro-acoustic guitar players, keyboard players and used extensively in studios.

Using a good instrument cable is an interesting and enlightening experience. It will let you hear more of the tone and timbre that your instrument produces. It will let you hear your playing as well, particularly in terms of touch and dynamics. It will bring clarity and definition to your playing and seriously reduce the chances of interference affecting your precious signal. Recently, we supplied Ace (guitarist with Skunk Anansie) with a complete cable loom of Cream cables to connect his seriously impressive pedalboard. You can find pictures of this on the Chord Facebook page - it’s well worth a look.