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Sontronics Apollo

Sontronics Apollo

Apollo er en stereo bånd-mikrofon, med aktiv elektronikk som tåler fantommating og med eksepsjonell lav egenstøy. To stykk bånd (ribbon) elementer er festet med 90 graders vinkel i forhold til hverandre og gir deg perfekt Blumlein X/Y-stereo oppmikking. Apollo har mange bruksområder, og bl.a. i Abbey Road Studio i London er den ofte brukt på orkester-grupper eller som overhead- eller ambient-mikrofon på alle slags akustiske instrumenter. Bånd-mikrofonens evne til å ta med alle transienter og all original dynamikk er overtruffen, og den myke diskanten låter lekkert på de aller fleste lydkilder, stemmer og instrumenter. Sontronics Apollo kan vi anbefale på det varmeste.

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After we launched our Sigma ribbon mic, we noticed that many musicians were using them in stereo pair configuration. As a result, we created the Sontronics APOLLO, a Blumlein X/Y stereo ribbon microphone with all the silky smooth characteristics of the SIGMA… times two!

The open basket design, inspired by the silhouette of a skyscraper, allows the APOLLO to soak up every nuance of your recording, capturing the whole ambience and resulting in a truly complete sound. If you wish, you can choose to use just one channel of APOLLO in mono recordings, making it a truly versatile microphone.

APOLLO uses the same shockmount design that is unique to all our ribbon microphones, providing isolation from noise transmitted through the mic stand. The microphone and shockmount are supplied in a sturdy aluminium flightcase.

Try APOLLO today: a microphone that hears the way you do!

"I am enormously impressed by this fantastic microphone" – Barry Bartlett, Audio Designer/Engineer (Glyndebourne Opera House)

"I couldn't quite believe it when I first heard the APOLLO on my piano, it's truly stunning! I also use it as room mic, which has totally transformed my recordings.
I can't really believe I didn't think of getting one before"

BEN CHRISTOPHERS, Artist/Songwriter/Producer

"The APOLLO absolutely blew my mind. I used it as a piano overhead and it just sounded so lush and skily and big, even from a good distance. I really feel the possibilities are endless with APOLLO. It's beautiful!"
ED HARCOURT, Singer/Songwriter/Producer