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Blue Blueberry

Blue Blueberry

Blue Blueberry er en lekker stormembran studiomikrofon, designet spesielt med tanke på å gi stemmer et moderne løft og en detaljert gjengivelse. Blueberry er konstruert for å gjøre det lett å plassere vokalen i miksen etter opptak, og den tåler også kraftig bruk av kompressor, - noe som er vanlig i dagens pop- og rock-produksjon. Dessuten er den en killer på elektrisk gitar.

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The Blueberry imparts the commanding, intimate presence demanded from the world's best vocal microphones. With shimmering, detailed highs, neutral midrange, and minimized proximity effect (a bass boost inherent in all unidirectional mics), the Blueberry excels at delivering a vocal right to the front of the mix where it belongs. The Blueberry is perfect for contemporary pop and rap applications because the bottom has been “scooped” out for big compression on slick vocal tracks and is ideally suited for deep limiting with your favorite plug-in or external compressor. Acoustic guitar, hand percussion, drums, and other critical high-end sources also shine in front of the Blueberry.

Test i Digital Pro Sound:
"The mic has a breathy intimate response similar to that of certain vintage tube vocal mics. Though it has a very good bass response, it is not as pronounced as the Neumann TLM 103. I found it had more of an airy high-end sound compared to the TLM 103. The mic is intended to be about four inches away from a vocalist, which is closer than the recommended distance for many other mics. I also did an A/B comparison with the popular Audio Technica 4033. I found the Blueberry to have a slight fuller sound, which cut through the mix better than the 4033. Skipper Wise at BLUE told me that the group Take 6 was looking for a microphone that would cut through a mix very well, but would also be airy, and settled on the Blueberry.

When you get to higher-end mics, it's often more a preference for the personality of the mic than one being "better" than another. This mic's construction is above many other companies, but I would not say that the Blueberry sounds better than the TLM 103 or BLUE's own Dragonfly. The 103 has that rich Neumann sound, and the Dragonfly has a mid-range that is a little scoped, so the low and highs are more accentuated. If you're looking for a mic that cuts through a mix, has an airy top end, and is built with high quality, then the Blueberry is a great choice.

"... the Blueberry is especially well suited to rock and pop, where the voice has to compete with numerous instruments and timbres."  
"The mic's quick responsiveness and airy signature sound make it ideal for capturing nuance and high-end detail." 
"... on both male and female vocalists, the Blueberry provided an un-hyped sound that was quite natural, with an uncolored off-axis response."

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