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Flea 12

Flea 12

Flea 12 er en håndbygget eksakt replika av AKG’s C12 - en av de mest ettertraktede rør-kondensator mikrofonene i historien. Basert på AKG´s opprinnelige CK12-kapsel, et 6072 dual-triode glass rør, og en transformerkoblet utgangskrets er C12-designet en mal for mange andre mikrofondesign som kom senere. Flea 12 er tro mot den originale utgaven, og tar man i betraktning at totalt 2 500 originale C12 ble bygget - og før 1963 - så vil vi anbefale at du kikker nærmere på Flea 12 dersom du ønsker det legendariske soundet av denne historiske mikrofonen
NB! Flea 12 bygges kun på bestilling, og ca to ukers leveringstid må påregnes.

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This mic is an exact replica of C12 and involves a modern style power supply with integrated pattern switch. As standard, it is equipped with Tim Campbell's CT12 capsule - great choice if you are considering the clones of original CK12. The tube is GE 6072 in five-star version or GE 6072 made for Rayethon. These tubes were produced especially for military purposes. The transformer is our own replica of original . Considering the sound, it is simply "Rolls-Royce". In some applications this mic will seem somewhat neutral, but it benefits will stand out during mixdown.

It's fantastic for vocals, acoustic instruments as well as ambient miking. Those, who have not experienced, will not believe. For additional price is available clone of vintage hardware – vintage power supply and U2 switch, with the cables.

Historical info:
The original CK12 capsule is widely considered to be one of the finest condenser microphone capsules in history. Although it evolved over time, as AKG changed diaphragm materials and weights (from 10-micron Styroflex to, eventually, 6-micron Mylar), and changed the size of the chamber between the backplates, the basic design remained the same: a dual-backplate large-diaphragm capsule with twin edge-terminated diaphragms.

By varying the voltage and polarization of the two diaphragms, the user could alter the microphone’s directionality. The C12 could produce 9 different polar patterns. Curiously, the switch was found neither on the microphone body nor the power supply, but on a separate device called the S12, which plugged into the N12 power supply via a dedicated cable.

The C12 was discontinued in 1963, after a 10-year manufacturing run. Approximately 2500 C12 microphones were produced.

In 1994, AKG released the C 12 VR (Vintage Revival), presented as an “exact replica of the original C 12.” The mic uses a 6072 tube, and a capsule called a CK12, but has little else in common with the capsule, circuit, or sound of the original C12.

Teknisk informasjon

  • cardioid
  • 35Hz - 18kHz
  • 25mV/Pa | 18mV/Pa (sensivity at 1kHz)
  • 50/200 Ohm
  • min 500/2000 Ohm (rated load impedance)
  • EF12 valve
  • F7 capsule
  • 660g