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Flea 49 Next

Flea 49 Next

En "budsjett-versjon" av en av markedets fineste mikrofoner, nemlig Flea 249. Flea 49 Next har et moderne mikrofonhus, men innmaten er lik en vanlig Flea 249. Denne er også bygget for hånd i Slovakia og kompromissløst oppbygget. Du får i praksis samme lyd som i en Neumann M49, men med helt nye komponenter som vil ha en driftssikker levetid de nærmeste 20-30 årene. Hva er så spesielt med denne legendariske rør-mikrofonen? Alt! En hver stemme eller instrument som blir mikket opp med denne vil låte magisk bra. Vår høyst subjektive mening er følgende: - Flea 49 Next er en av markedets beste vokalmikrofoner for studioinnspilling!

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Are you a fan of the great M49 sound? You don't mind that it's not the original look? After trying FLEA 49 NEXT you will fall in love with it. Identical sound to the FLEA 49 & 249, all the same components and the same wiring! The only difference is a great new look! The FLEA 49 NEXT is also packaged with our full standard kit, lined wooden box, power supply, cable and shock mount.

The full set includes microphone in wooden box, PSU, cable.

Info om den originale M49:
The M 49 was a multipattern large-diaphragm tube microphone with an important new innovation: the mic’s pickup pattern could be adjusted remotely, by a dial on the power supply. Another new innovation was that the mic maintained nearly equal sensitivity and output level across patterns — unlike the U-47, for example, which was 5dB hotter in Cardioid than Omni.

Like its omnidirectional sibling, the M 50, the M 49 was initially released with a Hiller MSC2 tube, soon replaced by the Telefunken AC701 subminiature triode. The two mics are nearly identical in appearance; the primary distinguishing cosmetic feature is the color of the “jewel” above the Neumann badge. On the M 49, the jewel is red.

Output impedance was wired at 200 Ohms from the factory. The product manual advised that “by changing two links on the output transformer, the amplifiers can be easily changed to 50 Ohms whereby the output voltage falls by 6dB

The capsule in the original version of the M 49 was Neumann’s PVC-diaphragm M7. This was subsequently replaced (as in the U47) with the Mylar-diaphragmmed K49. (The K49 was K47 capsule, identical in every respect but the name.)

Production M 49 microphones incorporated the following major component changes:

  • 1951 - Hiller MSC2 tube, M7 capsule
  • 1954 - MSC2 replaced by Telefunken AC701
  • 1956 - M7 replaced by K49 capsule
  • 1958 - the M49b incorporated a new “BV11” transformer and some circuit-value changes, according to Klaus Heyne.
  • 1961 - for the broadcast market, the M49 was fitted with a 7-pin Tuchel connector and redesignated M 249

Teknisk informasjon

Information regarding the vintage microphone, Neumann M49, and our Flea49

Recently there have been many discussions and conversations comparing the original vintage Neumann M49 and our Flea49.  For those who are interested, we would like to provide you with information about the two.

The original Neumann M49 was made with different modifications.
The first and main thing that affects the sound of a microphone is the electronic wiring. In the Neumann M49, there are 4 versions.

1. the so called - M49 normal 
2. M49a
3. M49b
4. M49c

The second thing that affected the sound was the capsules.  The Neumann M49 came with one of two types of capsules – the M7 capsule or the K47 capsule. 

The microphone also had one of two different transformers – the BV11 transformer or the BV11a transformer.

Throughout the history of the production of the Neumann M49, they were equipped with one of two types of tubes - the Hiller MSC2 tube (used for the version "M49 normal") or the Telefunken AC701K tube.

For the US market, the Neumann M49 left the production plant with output transformer wiring of 50 Ohm (this was mostly marked by a red dot on the production badge).  Otherwise the standard for the mic was 200 Ohm output transformer wiring. 

With all these different components, we can only imagine all the sound variations of the Neumann M49.

We at FLEA decided to make the M49b version as our standard. This version seems to be the most universal for our purposes. It has a great big bass sound and a pleasant high end.  Of course, it is possible for us to make the Flea49 with "c" wiring (Flea49c) as well. The main difference of a Flea49c is more neutral frequency response than "b" wiring, which means the "c" mic has less low end than "b".

If you are interested in "b" versus "c" wiring, please let us know at time of purchase or contact us with any questions regarding the Flea49.

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