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Manley Reference Gold

Manley Reference Gold

Manley Reference Gold er en fantastisk mikrofon, og et vakkert skue for øyet. Dette er en moderne klassiker som finnes i et fåtall studioer rundt omkring i verden. Reference Gold kjennetegnes med en stor, varm og nøytral gjengivelse med en effekt på å gi alle vokaler et nært og levernde preg. Du finner aldri en brukt Reference Gold. De som investerer i en slik mikrofon, bruker den livet ut.

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What do you look for in your studio microphones? Accuracy? Clarity? The ability to capture the special character of the voice or instrument?

Manley's Gold Reference Multi-pattern mics do all that and more. Boasting a dual-triode USA military 6072A tube, the design and technical specifications of the Gold Reference Mics are of the highest standards. The capsules (1.25 inch overall, 1 inch diaphragm diameter) are Manley's own design; the capsule rings and back-plates are milled from solid brass and are mounted on Teflon insulator rings. The 3 micron gold diaphragm film is tensioned using proprietary techniques which ensures capsule-to-capsule constancy, combined with the speed, air and superb ultra-high frequency response you dream about. The polar pattern control is continuously variable between the Omni, Cadioid and Figure 8 positons. . .

But it's what all the impressive technical expertise adds up to that really matters. What you get with the Gold Reference mics is superb sound in a class by itself. Add the Manley Gold Reference mics to your set-up and we're sure you'll agree that they are easily one of the finest microphones money can buy.

Teknisk informasjon

Microphone Type Tube Condenser
Polar Pattern Continuously Variable Patterns Through Cardioid, Omni, and Figure-8
Diaphragm Size .98" (25mm)
Frequency Response 10Hz-30kHz
Max SPL 150dB SPL
Output Impedance 200 ohms
Pads -10dB
Color Gold
Connector XLR
Weight 2.25 lbs.

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