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Ultrasone Performance 860

Ultrasone Performance 860

Ultrasone Performance 860 er et lyd- og designstatement for profesjonelle lydfolk og hi-fientusiaster som kun forventer det ypperste av kvalitet og spesifikasjoner, enten det er hjemme, i studio eller på veien. Ultrasone Performance 860 representerer det ypperste av design og teknologi for hodetelefoner og absolutt ingen snarveier er tatt under konstruksjonen. Performance 860 gir deg S-Logic Plus (patent) og ULE-skjerming som verner om hørselen din, skjermer hodet for stråling og gir en naturlig lytteopplevelse.

Kombinasjonene av myke detaljer i lakk og skarpe kontraster i metall og glass gir Performance 860 et elegant uttrykk og understreker kvaliteten og det presise håndverket.
NB! Tilbudet gjelder i en begrenset periode, eller til det er utsolgt.

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With its gold-plated, 40-millimetre sound transducers, the Performance 860 offers impressive linearity and appeals to all listeners who want their audio reproduction to stay true to the original.

Spatial sound and fatigue-free listening thanks to S-Logic® Plus
Both the sophisticated tonal balance and patented S-Logic® Plus technology provide unique reproduction of your favourite music. The decentralised arrangement of the sound transducers creates a spatial sound normally only expected from high-quality speakers. A broad stereo platform with excellent depth graduation allows listeners to completely immerse themselves in the music. This spatial impression is created by the S-Logic® Plus design, which reflects sound more frequently before it reaches the inner ear. This design principle also ensures fatigue-free music enjoyment and protects the hearing. With S-Logic® Plus,compared to conventional headphones, a lower sound pressure level is necessary at the same volume level (3 - 4dB).

Design inspired by Ultrasone Edition
When developing the Performance series, Ultrasone drew inspiration from the design of the highly acclaimed Edition 8. For example, echoes of the Edition 8’s unique lines can also be found in both of the new Performance models. The headband pad, with a laser-engraved Ultrasone logo, is an attractive highlight. The ear cups of the Performance 860 are contoured with black and silver, whereas the Performance 840 has a completely black finish. To perfect its elegant look, Ultrasone uses high-quality materials that guarantee long-lasting satisfaction.

The best sound – for people on the move
The trend of wearing large headphones on the go remains unbroken. Thanks to hinged ear cups, headphones in the Performance series can be easily stored, meaning they can provide excellent sound even when travelling. All models come with a stylish neoprene soft case for transport purposes. People who are always on the go profit especially from the closed design of these models, which significantly reduces outside noise.

Excellent wear comfort
Whether at home, in the studio or on the go – in addition to sound, comfort is one of the most important criteria for developing headphones. Ultrasone have developed a new headband pad that adjusts perfectly to the shape of the head. For the first time the cushioning has been made of memory foam, which not only boasts excellent acoustic properties, but also adjusts perfectly to the contours of the head. The breathable material allows air to circulate despite the closed-design principle. The special foam is covered with particularly soft and durable high-quality protein leather, guaranteeing hours of unique wear comfort.

Teknisk informasjon

  • S-Logic™ PLUS technology
  • Natural Surround Sound
  • ULE technology
  • MU metal shielding
  • Reduced radiation according to ULE specifications
  • Dynamic principle, closed back
  • Frequency range 10–28,000 Hz
  • Impedance 32 ohms
  • Sound pressure (SPL) 94 dB
  • Sound transducer 40mm
  • PET membrane, gold-plated
  • Magnet NdFeB
  • Weight 274g (excluding cable)