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Antelope MP32

Antelope MP32

Antelope MP32 ble designet som en naturlig følgesvenn til Orion 32. MP32 har intet mindre enn 32 mikrofoninnganger i transparent og strålende lydkvalitet som henter ut det beste av dine mikrofoner. Et enkelt styringssoftware via USB gir deg full kontroll over samtlige mikrofonsignaler. 32 kombo-Neutrik kontakter på frontpanelet, og 4 sett med D-Sub 25 kontakter på baksiden, gjør integrering mot f.eks. Orion 32 meget enkelt. Men selvsagt kan Antelope´s glimrende mikrofonforsterkere brukes mot alle andre innspillingsløsninger også. Med 32 like mikrofoninnganger, kommer du ikke til kort!

NB! Dette er bestillingsvare. Beregn tre til fem dagers leveringstid.

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MP32 is a 32-channel console-grade microphone preamp with integrated software remote control and Antelope Audio's exciting new approach to analog circuit design.

The rave reviews shared by several top audio engineers regarding the quality of the 12 mic preamps in our portable audio interface Zen Studio urged us to expand further and create a 32-channel mic preamp housed in only two rack spaces. We designed MP32 to be a perfect match for our top-selling audio interface Orion32, this way ensuring a full transparency of the sound and complete integrity of the signal via the whole chain, from the mic pres through the conversion, recording and playback, all of them characterized by the signature Antelope sound. The combination of the Orion32 and MP32 — totaling just 3U in rack space — make it a perfectly suited solution for studios and live recording where rack space can be a precious commodity.

MP32 features 32 class-A mic pres with phantom power, 32 line inputs, of which 4 can operate as Hi-Z instrument inputs. All inputs are XLR combos on the front panel of the MP32. MP32's mic preamps are open and transparent, yet designed to maintain both signal clarity and sonic realism consistently throughout the recording process. The MP32 offers excellent headroom and up to 68 dB of gain in 1 dB steps, more than enough to power even the most demanding ribbon mics, while maintaining ultra-low THD+N (-110.5 dB).

A user-friendly control panel for Mac or Windows allows for easy remote management of the device’s input types and mic gain levels. The intuitive software control panel provides fast set up and easy fine-tuning of individual mic preamp gain, as well as the independent assignment of phantom power and mic/line/hi-z switching. Complex gain structure and preamp settings are made incredibly simple by the user-defined presets, just a mouse click away. In addition, individual V/U style metering allows for instant signal confirmation at a glance of the software.

Teknisk informasjon


Analog Inputs: 32 channels Mic / Line on XLR Combos on the front panel
1-4 of 32 channels are (HiZ) - Instrument selectable XLR Combos on the front
XLR Combos Analog:  
Mic (XLR only) 20dBu max balanced @ 2Kohm
Line (¼ only): 29dBu max balanced @ 13K (to gnd)
Hi-z (¼ only): 20dBu max unbalanced @ 1,1Mohm


Analog Outputs 32 x Lines on 4 x D-SUB 25 (32 channels), 26 dBu max balanced @ 50 Ohms
USB I/O USB 2.0 Full-Speed Type B
For use with the software control panel.

Mic Preamp Gain

Mic Pre Programmable gain (Mic Pre/Line): +15 dB ~ 68 dB in 1dB steps
5 to13dB in one 8dB step, 13 to 68dB in 1dB steps
Line -9 to 20dB in 1 dB steps
Hi-z 4 to 40dB in 1 dB steps
THD + N 110.5 dB
EIN -129dBu

Additional Information

Operating Temperature 0-50ºC/32- 122ºF
Weight (approx. prior) 6kg/ 13lb approx.
Dimensions (approx.) Width: 482 mm/19” /Rack/
Height: 88 mm/3.5” /2U/
Depth: 210 mm/8.3”
Power Supply AC Universal Input 95-264 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
Nominal Power Consumption 44 Watts Max