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ProDG Apollo I

ProDG Apollo I

Apollo I er et anbefalt passiv systemløsning fra ProDG. Systemet består av toppkassen IT 212 PA og subben GT118B. Dette er et kraftig system, og en fullblods profesjonell PA-løsning. Ønsker man en profesjonell løsning med turnerobust forsterkerløsning, kan man vurdere Powersoft K-serien med innebygget DSP. Da har man et utsøkt oppsett med Rolls Royce-kvaliteter. Varen tas inn på bestilling, og 10-14 dagers leveringstid må påregnes.

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The New IT 212 P.A. is high performance multipurpose passive system of 2-way equipped with one (1) speaker of 12" in a tuning enclosure. Excellent to be used as main P.A, frontfill and sidefill with or without subwoofer, as portable system, in permanent installation, or as monitor for voice and instruments. All type of installation and rigging hardware available to achieve the maximum performance in function of the type of need or event.

Together with the powerful sub, GT118B, you will find yourself in euphoric enjoyment listening to this almost perfect sound-system. A total of 6200 watt programme effect availlable.

Recommended amplifiers:
Lab Gruppen FP 3400 or FP 6000Q, Powersoft M or K-series.

ProDG Pro 26

Teknisk informasjon

IT 212 PA

Power Handling: 
600 W RMS (EIA 426A Standard) / 1200 W programme / 2400 W peak.

Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm

Average Sensitivity: 100 dB / 2.83V / 1m (average of 150 - 16000Hz wideband).

Calculated Maximum SPL: / 1m 130 dB continuous / programme of 133 dB / 136 dB peak.

Frequency Range: +/- 3dB from 40 Hz to 18 KHz.

Nominal Directivity: 80x50 rotating diffuser (one unit)   /   80x30 rotating diffuser (two or more units).

Low / Mid Frequency Driver: One (1) Beyma speaker of 12", 8 Ohm, 500 W, 330.2mm of diameter with high temperature glass fiber voice coil.

High Frequency Driver: One (1) Beyma driver of 1/4”, 8 Ohm, 100 W, 36 mm exit (44.4mm) with voice coil Mylar diaphragm.

Recommended Amplifier: Pro DG Systems GT 1.2 V or Lab Gruppen FP 6000Q.

Rigging points: 12 x M10

Connectors: 2 NL4MP Neutrik speakon connectors.

Acoustic Enclosure: CNC model, 18-15mm made from birch plywood plated on the exterior.

Finish: Standard finish in black paint of high weather resistance.

Cabinet Dimensions: (HxWxD); 690x390x380mm (27,16”x15,35”x14,96”).

Weight: 24,7 Kg (54,45 lbs) net / 25,9 Kg (57,10 lbs) with packaging.

GT 118 B

Power Handling:
 1200 W RMS (EIA 426A Standard). Programme of 2400 W / 4800 W peak.

Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm

Average Sensitivity: 100 dB / 2.83 V/1m (average of 50 - 1000 Hz wideband)

Calculated Maximum SPL: / 1m 131 dB continuous / programme of 134 dB / 137 dB peak.

Frequency Range: +/- 3 dB from 40 to 100 Hz.

Nominal Directivity: Omnidirectional.

Low Frequency Driver: One (1) Beyma speaker of 18", 8 Ohm, 1200 W, 485 mm in diameter with high temperature, glass fiber voice coil.

Recommended Amplifier: Pro DG Systems GT 2.5 , GT 4.0, GT 8.0 or Lab Gruppen FP 3400, FP 6000Q.

Connectors: 2 NL4MP speakon connectors.

Acoustic Box: CNC model, 18 mm made from birch wood plated on the exterior.

Finish: Standard black paint job.

Box Dimensions: (HxWxD); 520x715x605mm (20,47”x28,15”x23,82”)

Weight: 47,6 Kg (104,94 lbs) net weight / 48,8 Kg (107,59 lbs) gross weight with packaging.

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