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Sontronics DM1S

Sontronics DM1S

Sontronics DM1S er en knallbra mikrofon for skarptromme. Fungerer utrolig bra både i live-sammenheng og i studio. Denne dedikerte kondensatormikrofonen for skarptromme gir deg akkurat den punch´en og de riktige frekvensene du vil at en skarptrommemikrofon skal ha. Minimerer behovet for equaliser. Flere kjente engelske produsenter har vært bidragsytende i utviklingsarbeidet, og dette er en flott spesialmikrofon som utmerker seg i forhold til pris. Valgbar -15dB pad-switch og nyre-karakteristikk. Vil håndtere lydtrykk på inntil 148dB, og utmerker seg med sin detaljerte og nyanserte gjengivelse. Metall-oppheng er inkludert i prisen.

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Six years after SONTRONICS was founded, the British mic brand has moved further into application-specific miking with the release of three condenser microphones designed specifically for drums: the DM-1T, DM-1S and DM-1B.

The DM-1T and DM-1S are small-diaphragm pencil-style condensers designed to work on tom (DM-1T) and snare (DM-1S). With a cardioid polar pattern and switchable -15dB pad, the characteristics of each mic have been tailored to pick up those specific nuances from the different drums. Each mic comes with a metal drum mount and mic clip.
Designed from scratch by SONTRONICS founder and MD, Trevor Coley, these new mics represent more than two years of research, development and field testing. “Many of our existing mics work brilliantly on drums,” explains Coley, “but I felt that it was about time we made some dedicated mics for drummers and percussionists. I spent a long time researching how each component of a drum kit responded when struck – kick beater attack, kick thump, snare rattle, resonance, boominess and so on – and optimised each mic’s frequency response to deliver a great result with little or no EQ.”

As is usual with all SONTRONICS mics, the DM-1T and DM-1S have been tested to destruction before launch, so you can be sure they’ll perform perfectly, whether in studio or live sound applications. “The first prototypes were trialled by various session drummers and producers,” says Coley, “including producer Flood (U2, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys) at Battery Studios.

The DM-1S is covered by SONTRONICS’ Lifetime Warranty and come with a free download of Toontrack’s EZdrummer Lite.

Test i Sound on Sound:

"I used a mic stand for the top snare, rather than the supplied clip, and put the mic in my usual position (a couple of inches above the drum's rim), being careful to try and reduce hi-hat spill with my positioning as best I could. Again, my first impressions were good: I got a full, clear, punchy snare tone, with plenty of attack and a nice 'realness' about it.

The DM1T I used for my rack tom, with the supplied clip and screw-on clamp to attach it to the drum itself. This clamping system seems fairly well designed and allows the mic to be angled in a broad but fairly sensible range of close-miking positions. For live work, I could see it being particularly useful for quick setups. Once the tom was nicely tuned, the BD1T sounded as impressive as its partners, with a nice, clear, full tone and a characteristic that felt right for the drum in question.

The drum-tracking process passed off without incident from the mics' point of view. I tend to leave the drums pretty natural and unprocessed during recording, and I was feeling good about the sounds I had captured"

Sontronics drum mics on cover of Recording Magazine
Reviewer Paul Vnuk Jr. was clearly impressed by all three mics, saying of the DM-1B (condenser mic for kick drum & bass instruments): "Sonically, [the DM-1B] is a very full-range condenser mic… with a surprisingly crisp and airy top end. On kick this results in a very full, even sound across the spectrum with a very big bottom end.… the two words that stand out are “huge” and “natural". It is also a fantastic bass cabinet mic… it captures the subsonic lows beautifully while grabbing the mid honk of the strings, but never sounds overhyped."

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<p>Les test av DM-serien i Recording Magazine <a title="Review of DM-series" href="http://www.sontronics.com/files/RECORDING0115_sontronics_drummics_spread.pdf" target="_blank">her</a>:</p>