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Sontronics Sonora II

Sontronics Sonora II

To-kanals mikrofonforsterker med vanvittig headroom og en lydkarakter som drar oss i retning av de beste britiske mikrofonforsterkerne fra 70-tallets pioneertid. Sonora II låter utrolig fint, og evner å dra frem det beste i hver mikrofon. Du kan bruke en gammel bånd-mikrofon, eller en helt ny kondensatormikrofon - og forforsterkeren løfter fram de unike klangmessige egenskapene i mikrofonene og lydkildene som serveres. Vi bruker fire kanaler Sonora II i vårt studio, og vi liker spesielt stereo-opptakene på piano, trommer eller akustiske instrumenter. Sonora II er produsert i Europa, og du skal lete lenge etter en lydmessig bedre to-kanals forforsterker til denne prisen!

"These are the best preamps I've ever used on guitar" - Al di Meola (Fusion super-guitarist)

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The SONTRONICS SONORA 2 is a British-made dual-channel preamplifier/DI featuring two powerful, discrete solid-state Class A amplifiers, capable of delivering an exceptionally high standard of audio reproduction for a surprisingly reasonable price.  

Sontronics' unique proprietary vintage circuit design brings a touch of silkiness and class to your music, subtly smoothing out any harshness while retaining the integrity of the signal. Its lightning-quick dynamic ability, combined with a linear frequency response, means that SONORA 2 delivers an audio reproduction full of energy and perfect detail, faithful to the original source signal. Putting it simply: you will hear more of what matters!

Providing a powerful 66dB of crystal-clear, low-noise gain in 6dB steps, SONORA 2 can handle an almost infinite variety of sources, from microphones to guitars, electric pianos to re-amplifying pre-recorded audio tracks.

Each channel also features a 75Hz high-pass filter, -20dB pad, 180-degree phase reverse and independent 48V phantom power, providing you with useful and functional control at your fingertips.
Since audio signals exit simultaneously from each channel's XLR and 1/4" jack outputs, different recording and monitoring set-ups are possible, further enhancing SONORA 2's flexibility and your creativity.

SONTRONICS SONORA 2 rear panel showing 4 individual outs and ground lift switch

SONORA 2's desktop footprint not only makes it ideal for studio recording  but also as a portable front-end in live performance and stereo recording applications beyond the studio environment.
Hear more of what matters, improve your sound, with the Sontronics SONORA 2.

"Sontronics, You're really on to something with your preamps... SONORA sounds great!" - Brett Chassen

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SONTRONICS SONORA 2 - dual-channel solid-state preamplifier/DI