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Crane Song Falcon

Crane Song Falcon

Crane Song's Falcon 500 kompressor kombinererer vintage rørvarme med moderne fleksibilitet. Et flott baklyst VU-meter gir deg visuell kontroll over ditt signal, og med kontrollpotmetere for de nødvendige parametrene samt mulighet for pararellkomprimering er Falcon en flott tilvekst i et hvert 500-rack. Og som alltid med Crane Song produkter får du førsteklasses signalbehandling. Testen i Sound on Sound lyder: "Overall, no matter what source I threw at it, the Falcon never failed to delight."

NB! Bestillingsvare! Normalt en ukes leveringstid, men ring oss gjerne før du bestiller så sjekker vi...

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Two flavors of tube compression
To give the Falcon an extra-wide tonal range, Crane Song designed it with a special feedback control switch. This toggle lets you select whether or not the Falcon uses negative feedback as part of its compression, allowing you to choose from a more highly colored vintage sound or a cleaner, modern tone.

Parallel compression made easy
Parallel compression lets you achieve incredible sonic loudness without sacrificing natural dynamics of your signal, and the Crane Song Falcon makes it incredibly easy with its dual signal paths and wet/dry mix knob. Use the Falcon compressor to crush the living daylights out of your kick or squash the heck out of your guitars, and then mix in enough of the dry signal to add life back into your sound.

Link up for stereo and surround mixes
With the Falcon's onboard link function, compressing stereo or even full 5.1 surround sound mixes is incredibly easy. Just link up to six Crane Song Falcon compressors together and set everything aside from the wet/dry mix and makeup gain all from a single unit. Talk about a timesaver!

Crane Song Falcon 500 Series Tube Compressor Features:

  • Classic-sounding tube compressor with modern versatility
  • 3 x attack and release time settings make setting up your compression easy
  • Hard and soft knee choices for compression or limiting provide you with a useful selection of dynamic schemes
  • Dual signal paths and a wet/dry mix to blend them make parallel compression easy
  • Switchable negative-feedback compression lets you choose from highly colored vintage tone or a cleaner modern sound
  • Link up to six units together for stereo or full 5.1 surround compression

Teknisk informasjon

  • Two flavors of tube compression
  • Parallel compression made easy
  • Link up for stereo and surround mixes

Connections: The input and output are balanced, with the output being transformer
Signal Level: The maximum specified signal level is +26 dbu
Noise Floor: -82.5 dbu measured 20Hz to 20 kHz
Power: 110mA with 16 volt bipolar power supplies
Tube: 12AX7B
Attack Time: For a 12 db change, 100uS; 7mS; 20mS
Release Time: For a 12 db change, 75mS to 200mS; 300mS to 1S; 1.4S to 3.5S;
the release time changes depending on the signal