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IGS Audio S-TYPE 500 er en fantastisk prisgunstig stereo VCA buss-kompressor for 500-formatet. SSL benyttet en spesiell krets fra DBX i sine tidligere produksjoner av denne klassikeren. Nå er denne kretsen erstattet av en VCA-krets fra THAT Corp. og dette er identisk krets som SSL i dag også benytter. S-TYPE 500 gir samme snert, punch og karakter som man kjenner fra den legendariske SSL-kompressoren. Du vil langt på vei få samme lyd med S-TYPE, og til en utrolig pris. Har du to ledige slotter i 500-racket ditt, skal du sjekke ut S-TYPE 500 i dag. Her får du enormt mye lyd for penga!

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The S-Type 500 is best known for its ability to replicate the buss compressor of the legendary British large format console. The heart of the compressor is the THAT integrated circuit instead of the now unavailable DBX. The analog path is balanced with ultra-fast op-amps. This is the source of the completely transparent sound. A minimal level of noise allows the device to be used in any musical setting. We have added Sidechain HPF, which allows the user to select the lowest frequencies to pass the unit uncompressed, enabling your mixes to breathe and avoid pumping.

IGS S-TYPE 500 is a stereo compressor, featuring a large GR meter and four fast, modern op-amps on inputs and outputs, providing the perfect balance of this stereo circuit. Two channels of the unit are being summed together and used to control both VCA stages. This allows you to use the S-TYPE 500 as an external side-chain compressor, where the signal goes through EXSC input. Last but not least, the MIX knob allows for parallel compression, so you can crush the living hell out of your tracks, and blend them with the dry signal for that NY drum sound. Overall, the S-Type is a very creative device.



Teknisk informasjon

VCA Compressor 

 Sidechain HPF Ext, Off, 60, 90, 120, Hi-Pass

INPUT & OUTPUT: Input Impedance (balanced) 10k ohm Output Impedance (balanced) 600 ohm
LEVELS: Operating Level +4 dBu Max input level +20 dBu Max output level +21 dBu Noise Level -102 dBA Max. gain 20 dB Max Gain Reduction 20 dB
TIME CONSTANTS: Attack: 0.1 - 30 ms Ratio 2:1, 4:1, 10:1 Release: 0.1 - 2s + auto
BANDWIDTH: Frequency response 8 Hz to 20 kHz, +/- 0.1dB
DISTORTION (@ 20 HZ - 20 KHZ): THD+N 0.012% @ 0 dBu
POWER: Power consumption 4.5W