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Phoenix DRS1R/500

Phoenix DRS1R/500

Amerikanske Phoenix Audio er kjent for sine fantastiske mikrofonforsterkere - og spesielt 8-kanaleren, DRS-8. Nå kan du få gleden av disse fantastiske forforsterkerne til ditt 500-system, og til en flott høstpris som varmer skikkelig. Av alle mikrofonforsterkere vi har testet i 500-formatet (og det er en god del), må vi si at DRS1R/500 imponerer oss skikkelig. Den har samme tyngde og trøkk som en god Neve preamp, samme gnistrende mellomtone som en API-forforsterker, og er støysvak som en Millennia - og til en pris som bør apellere til svært mange. DRS1R/500 kan utfordre de fleste på kvalitet, og er bunnsolid bygget opp. Av alle mikrofonforsterkere til 500-formatet påstår vi at DRS1 er det absolutt beste alternativet!

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The Phoenix Audio DRS1R/500 is a mono pre amp and DI for the API 500 series, it was designed to be identical in terms of features and sonics as the ever popular DRS1 but in a new format. The unit runs at 24v thanks due to the special power supply built into the unit so it offers no sonic sacrifices whilst still maintaining a very low current use needed for the API format and is well within its API VPR limits.

Test i Sound on Sound, UK:
"I also tried the preamp on both male and female vocalists in an indie/rock band, as well a male rap vocal, pairing it with some of my usual vocal mics — and this was where this preamp really shined. That Neve-ishness helped give all of the vocals a slightly enhanced texture, the result being that they just seemed to ‘sit’ slightly better, in a way that’s really difficult to define in words. Again, I could push the level harder into the output stage to coax more character out of the transformer. You have to be confident to work in this way, but I actually found it quite difficult to overdo this effect on vocals. The preamp coped comfortably with my gain-hungry Shure SM7B dynamic, and I’d expect it to have more than enough for most ribbon mics too.

Although they don’t sound quite the same, in general I found myself liking the DRS-1R on the same sources on which I’d typically choose a Neve 1073: vocals, bass guitar, kick drum and electric guitar. I’d highly recommend trying it out if you’re on the lookout for a high-quality vocal preamp that adds a touch of ‘colour’."

Teknisk informasjon

  • Class A (DSOP2) Output specs. Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz +- 0.5dB, Maximum Output = +26dBu @ 1kHz, Noise = -90dB @ 20Hz to 20kHz.
  • Output connections: XLR’s on rear panel of API rack
  • Phoenix Audio’s unique Class A, transformerless, True balanced Mic input stage.
  • Custom wound Phoenix output transformer.
  • Microphone input: XLR’s  Rear Panels of API rack
  • Gain Range (Mic input): -30 to -70 in 5dB steps With 10dB more available on the output fader.
  • Gain reduction: -30dB push-button Mic/Line switch (Mic input)
  • High Input Impedance DI: Mono 1/4″ Jack on front panel
  • Gain Meter: LED Metering. (Green = -2dbu, +4dbu & 0dBu, Yellow = +13dbu Red= +16dBu)
  • Phantom Power: Switchable phantom on Push-button Switch
  • High Pass Filter: on Push-button Switch, 120hz 6db per octave
  • Phase Reverse: on Push-button Switch
  • Mute : on Push-button Switch
  • Frequency Response Mic Input Stage: -0.4dB @ 40Hz, -0.3dB @ 25kHz
  • Frequency Response: DI Input Stage: -0.3dB @ 40Hz, – 0.5dB @ 25kHz
  • Typical Headroom: +24dB on Mic-Pre stage
  • DI Stage gain: Maximum of 20dB