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Crane Song Avocet IIA

Crane Song Avocet IIA

Crane Song Avocet IIA er nå utstyrt med Crane Song's nye digital til analog-konverter - som ytterligere forbedrer lydkvaliteten på markedets mest avanserte og beste monitorkontroller. Her er altså DAC'en lånt fra Solaris, og Avocet IIA er ikke bare en ren monitorkontroller. Dette er også en svært vellydende konverter for mastering, miksing og kringkastingsbruk. Avocet er benyttet i flere av verdens beste og mest anerkjente masteringsstudioer, kringkastingssuiter, filmstudioer og miksefasiliteter. Kombinasjonen av en rack-enhet med alle fysiske inn- og utganger og den lekre, desktop fjernkontrollen gir deg alt du har behov for når det gjelder kontroll på lyttingen i rommet ditt. En avansert up-samplingskrets gjør at du får ekstremt god lytting, også fra helt ordinære digitale lydkilder.

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The Crane Song Avocet IIA builds on the success of the original Avocet and Avocet II. It is a stereo monitor controller capable of operating in surround configurations up to 7.1 that is comprised of a rack mounted unit and table top remote control. Avocet IIA has many features including; dim, mute, phase, mono, and 16 bit truncation functions, plus a speaker select switch that sends line level balanced audio to one of three outputs.

In addition to exploiting the new Quantum DA conversion technology, this newest version offers new functionality that expands the flexibility of the system. There is now a dedicated subwoofer output for each of the three analog monitor outputs. Additionally, output levels are now programmable in 0.25 db steps for extremely accurate speaker level matching.

Crane Song Avocet At-a-Glance:

  • Analog and Digital Inputs
  • Headphone and Talkback Circuit

Analog and Digital Inputs
The Avocet provides both analog and digital inputs to allow you to connect straight from your DAW or mixing board. The Analog inputs take the form of XLRs, and the digital inputs are AES/EBU and S/PDIF. The Avocet will facilitate the connection of up to three pairs of speakers via XLR ouputs. The included remote gives you the power to check your mix on different sets of speakers from where you're sitting.

Headphone and Talkback Circuit
The Avocet doesn't just manage multiple pairs of monitors - it also provides headphone cue mix and talkback functionality. This can be extremely handy during the tracking process. The headphone cue mix can be different that the signal sent to the monitors, giving the engineer an accurate representation of what's happening in the room, while the artists have the headphone mix that they need to lay down thier parts. The remote has a XLR input for the connection of a talkack mic, making communicating with the talent during tracking a snap.

Crane Song Avocet Features:

  • Analog and Digital Inputs
  • 5th generation clocking circuit
  • Headphone and Talkback Circuit
  • Level Matching Between Sources
  • XLR Inputs and Outputs
  • AES/EBU and S/PDIF Digital Inputs
  • Remote Control
  • Up-sampled and jitter reduced Digital Signals to Ensure Highest Accuracy During D/A Conversion

Review in TapeOp Magazine of Avocet II:
"Moreover, I am convinced that because of the Avocet 2 ’s superior clocking and signal path, my brain doesn’t have to work as hard, and therefore, listening fatigue comes much later in the day. At the end of a recent run of 10–12 hour days, I was still making good choices in terms of balances and EQ — and even the end-of-session roughs sounded close to finished mixes. Over time, I simply became addicted to the unit. The result of all of this time, energy, and technical prowess is the most beautifully transparent and detailed monitor controller I have ever heard. Both analog and digital sources are rendered with extreme accuracy. Integration of the Avocet 2 has been a huge time saver, and its use has produced better results. At the end of the day, none of the tech specs matter one bit. The Avocet 2 with its new and improved DAC sounds awesome. We are humans making music for humans (and maybe some plants too), and the tools that facilitate emotional resonance and assist in translation of artistic intent are indispensable. If a new monitor controller is on your need-to-get or upgrade list, you would be doing yourself a serious disservice by not giving the Avocet 2 a serious look, and more importantly, listen."

Teknisk informasjon

Headphones:  2 x 1/4"
Talkback:        Yes
Form:              Rackmount
I/O:                 AES/EBU & SPDIF (coax & optical)
Connectors:   XLR
Width:            19"
Manufacturer Part Number: AVOCET