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Tube Tech CL1B

Tube Tech CL1B

Tube Tech´s CL1B er en levende klassiker. Dette er vokalkompressor nummer en i verden ved siden av Urei/Teletronics LA2A. CL1B har samme myke og sofistikerte måte å behandle et signal på, men er kanskje litt mer fleksibel og gir en egen lydkarakter når man lar den "svette" litt. Det finnes noen plug-in emuleringer av CL1B på markedet, og allerede her kan man høre en særegen og deilig karakter. Vi har A/B-testet hardware og plug-in, og vi mener ca 30 000 i merkostnad for den ekte boksen er verdt pengene!

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The TUBE-TECH CL 1B is an all-tube optical mono compressor. It delivers a very musical and smooth compression, preserving the clarity of the source even at extreme settings, and this is where CL 1B really stands out compared to other compressors. Furthermore, the operation is very intuitive, enabling you to achieve your goal achieve your goal quickly and easily. 

CL1B is by far the most popular TUBE-TECH unit, and this is not without a reason: For vocals and instruments like guitar bass and keys (regardless of musical genre) the CL1B delivers extremely musical and smooth compression, just what's needed to make the track fit into your mix without any muddiness or distortion, even at very extreme settings. The CL1B is VERY easy to use; just dial in what you need! You'll hear and feel the action immediately and don't have to doubt whether the setting works, it's always obvious. With thousands of units sold, the CL 1B is by far the most successful TUBE-TECH device to date, and its distinctive sound can be heard on countless legendary recordings.

The number of hit records featuring the CL1B is countless and the rule is that the majority of all top singers and musicians demands the CL1B for their recordings regardless of the genre they perform. As an example, it's e well known secret that all the big Hip Hop / Rap stars depend heavily on the CL1B for their vocal performance.

Kanye West performs only with CL1B:

The dynamics processor that has been used for Kanye's vocals throughout the recording as well as for all his live performances is of course Tube-Tech CL-1B.

We are very pleased to have an artist of this importance on our users list - and much more so because Mr. West normally doesn't want to have his name connected to any specific piece of gear. In this case, however, he has agreed, and, in all modesty, we see that as a very important recognition of the Tube-Tech sound.

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