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Radial SpaceHeater

Radial SpaceHeater

Radial Space Heater™ er en analog summeringsmikser med ekte rør-drive. Åtte kanaler med valgfri rørkrets som kan operere på tre ulike spenninger. Jo lavere spenning, jo mer "grit and dirt"...

  • 8-kanaler 12AX7 rør-krets med summeringsfunksjon
  • 35, 70 og 140 volt Heat-bryter - som endrer karakteren i rør-forvregningen
  • Diskrete utganger for hver kanal.
  • Trafo-utganger med deilig vintage karakter

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The Radial Space Heater is a single space 8-channel tube overdrive that can be used as a stereo summing mixer or as multi-channel studio distortion. Connect it to your digital interface to sum tracks in the analog domain, or use it as a hardware insert to add character to individual channels. With complete control over each tube circuit, the Space Heater can provide everything from subtle transformer warmth to full on harmonic distortion.

The design begins with eight +4dBu balanced line level inputs that feed four 12AX7 tubes wired in stereo. A heat switch on each channel lets you apply between 37, 75 or 150 volts to the tube to modify the performance. When set to a lower voltage; it starves the tube, increasing distortion producing filthy layers of grit. When the voltage is set to maximum; the signal cleans up resulting in natural tube warmth with wonderful harmonic overtones. Separate DRIVE and LEVEL controls let you fine-tune the settings on each channel to increase or decrease distortion to suit. Each of the eight outputs is equipped with an oversized output transformer for beefy character while providing galvanic isolation to eliminate noise. You can also bypass the tube circuit and drive the transformer on its own to produce a vintage feel that is reminiscent of the finest audio designs from yesteryears.

Connections to and from the Space Heater include ¼" TRS and 25-pin D-Sub balanced inputs, balanced ¼" TRS send and receive insert points, and an 8-channel balanced D-Sub output. The send jacks or the D-subs can be used to process individual instruments, enhance a sterile vocal track, add 'grind' to a bass track or 'sparkle' to an acoustic guitar. Used as four stereo pairs, the Space Heater can be used to fatten stereo stems or with in-ear monitor systems to add natural tube compression to create a more enjoyable on-stage experience. All eight channels can be sent to the master left-right XLR outputs for stereo summing with odd channels routed left and even channels routed right. This set up is often used to add crunch to drum kits or for traditional analog (out-of-the-box) summing and can be expanded using the link connectors for 16, 24 or 32 x2 summing requirements. This is supplemented with high-pass filters on each channel that help clean up tracks by removing excessive low frequency resonance.

The Space Heater… a character box with an attitude you will love!

Space Heater Features

Space Heater Features 1

Teknisk informasjon

Circuit type:  Class A tube gain stage with IC buffers
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20Khz, +0/-3dB
Total harmonic distortion:  Variable
Dynamic range:  96dB 
Input impedance – bypassed:  50kΩ in parallel with your load device
Input impedance – active:  100kΩ
Maximum input:  +22dBu 
Gain:  +33dB@140V, +29db@70V, +27dB@35V 
Gain - mix bus:  6dB above individual channel output                                                                                           
Bypasss:  Full bypass 
Clip level - output:  +26dBu 
Output impedance - balanced outputs:                                                     
Output impedance - headphone out:  15Ω 
Output impedance - mix bus out:  100Ω 
Common mode rejection:  -70dBu @ 55Hz 
Equivalent input noise:  103dBu
Noise floor - maximum gain:  -64dBu@140V, -66dBu@70V, -70dBu@35V
Noise floor - controls at 50%:  -70dBu@140Hz, -72dBu@70V, -76dBu@35V
Intermodulation distortion:  Variable
Unity gain control setting:  Drive and Gain at "11 o'clock"

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