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Audeze EL8 closed back

Audeze EL8 closed back

EL8 fra Audeze benytter samme teknologi som i de dyreste modellene, men har har man klart å spare inn litt på produksjonskostnadene uten å gå vesentlig ned i lydkvalitet. EL8 finnes i en lukket og en åpen versjon. For innspilling anbefaler vi den lukkede versjonen, men dersom man primært bruker hodetelefonene til miksing vil den åpne versjonen lydmessig likne svært mye på toppmodellen LCD-X. I en fersk test fra engelske Sound on Sound, poengterer journalisten at EL8 fint kan sammenlignes med toppmodellene fra AKG, Sennheiser og Beyer - men at den spesielle teknologien som Audeze benytter, gir EL8 en litt anderledes lydopplevelse allikevel.

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The Closed-Back Audeze EL-8 is truly a pioneering listening and monitoring tool in their price range. These headphones easily surpass the accuracy and definition of any set of speakers in a non-acoustically treated room, with a need to spend thousands of pounds on speakers and treatment to get anywhere close. They represent incredible value for music listeners, producers, engineers and performers, as you can essentially travel with your studio or listening room.

The closed-back model is particularly useful for Vocalists, Instrumentalists and Sound Recordists as you will get an incredibly detailed and natural sound to monitor with when recording, with good isolation with extreme power handling ability to satisfy even the loudest of performers. Performers who have a good vocal sound in their headphones are more confident and more likely to deliver excellent performances.

The transient (the "snap", "crack" or "thud" at the start of a sound) response of planar magnetic drivers is simply unsurpassed by conventional dynamic headphones, giving a very sharp, detailed and defined sound as the planar drivers are able to move much faster than dynamic cones. Instead of having a single magnet in the middle of the cone, which is moved by an electromagnet driven by the signal, The EL-8's have multiple magnetic strips behind a very thin diaphragm, which has a specially designed circuit etched to it. The circuit is designed in a way that when it is magnetised, the magnetic force is distributed evenly across the diaphragm (Hence the name "Uniforce", this even movement minimised distortion as the whole diaphragm moves equally at once, rather than being driven from the centre, as with a conventional dynamic headphone.

The material of the Diaphragm is actually a polymer developed by NASA for use on the space station, due to its high strength and flexibility with low weight. The EL-8 also feature the Audeze Fazor waveguides which minimises disruption to the soundwaves that come through the magnet layer. The EL-8 Design was a partnership between Audeze and BMW Designworks, and has elliptical cups, which are smaller than on the LCD range. They're built with superb craftsmanship, wood veneer accents and enormous attention to detail.

The custom cable connections to the headphone are magnetic, in a similar way to the Macbook's power supply connector, meaning that if they do get caught whilst in use, the pressure on the socket, cable or your DAC will be minimal. The EL-8 are 30 Ohm impedance, meaning that they can be driven to a good volume from most devices including portable players, smartphones and laptops. We suggest using a dedicated DAC & Headphone amp to get the best out of the EL-8.

EL-8 closed-back:

  • The same extreme performance in a closed-back model for greater privacy and isolation from the environment.
  • Patent-Pending
  • Fazor elements
  • Fluxor magnetic structure
  • Uniforce diaphragms

Package Includes: 1.2m Audeze headphone cable and 3.5mm to 1/4in stereo adapter

Teknisk informasjon

• Closed-back circumaural style
• Planar magnetic transducer
• Fluxor magnets magnetic structure
• Neodymium magnet type
• 100mm Driver Size
• 15W (for 200ms) Maximum power handling
• >130dB Maximum SPL
• 10Hz – 50kHz Frequency response
• Less than 0.01% (1KHz, 1mw) Total harmonic distortion
• 30 ohms Impedance
• 100dB / 1mW Efficiency
• 200mW – 4W Optimal power requirement
• 480g Weight

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