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Dave Hill Designs Europa 1

Dave Hill Designs Europa 1

Dave Hill Designs (DHD) produserer en av markedets mest spennende mikrofonforsterkere med Europa 1. Gjennomgående strålende komponenter og lydkvaltet, men med noen små unike funksjoner som gjør Europa 1 til en "must have" forforsterker i et profesjonelt studio. I en begrenset periode tilbyr vi nå denne fantastiske en-kanals forforsterkeren til en hyggelig nettpris. Men la deg ikke lure av et godt tilbud! Dette er i høyeste grad et utrolig bra produkt, som vil glede en hver som kobler opp sin favorittmikrofon gjennom denne.

NB! Bestillingsvare. 10-12 dagers leveringstid.

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kr 15 000,00


Dave Hill Designs is proud to introduce a totally unique design concept in microphone pre amplifier technology, The Europa One. After years of design to prototype to production we feel the recording industry is ready to experience a feature packed Europa One!

Included are the standard functions such as phase, phantom power and an instrument input.  The microphone input has 3 input impedance choices which are 2.2K ohms for normal microphone operation, 300 ohm and a Hi-z choice for different microphone sounds.  The instrument input has an impedance of 1.2 Meg ohms which is ideal for guitars.  The gain over all is adjustable in 1db steps from 0 to 66db on the mic input and 0 to 30 db on the instrument input. Gain is displayed on a 2 digit led display.  The low cut filter which is a 3 pole, 18db per octave has 8 frequencies 148 Hz, 130 Hz, 117 Hz, 100 Hz,  81 Hz, 63 Hz, 48 Hz, 33 Hz, and off. 

Unique to the Europa pre-amp are 3 controls for changing the color of the pre-amp.  The first control is a SPEED which changes how fast the pre-amp can respond.  The control goes from 0 to 8 with 8 being the fastest rate, and 0 being very drastic.  The even harmonic control provides 9 levels of color from 0 to 8, and the odd harmonic control which also has 9 levels color with the 0 setting being the cleanest in both cases.  These three controls are a series analog process so that the even harmonic control affects the sound of the speed control and the odd harmonic control affects the sound of both the speed and even harmonic controls

All the controls; gain, speed, even harmonic, the odd harmonic controls are stepped which makes it easy to recall settings. 

The level meter has a 0 VU reference point of (+4dbu) with one db steps going to +20 db above 0VU and to -25 db below 0 VU with the steps being larger than 1 db below -16 db.

The maximum output level is +24 dbu balanced with the maximum balanced input level of +24 dbu at 0 db of gain.  This allows the Europa 1 pre-amp to be used in a mix environment for coloring.

Test i SoS:

"There aren't many truly 'versatile' mic preamps — most have a consistent and recognisable character, and generally you choose one unit instead of another because of its inherent sound: a Neve clone instead of a GML, perhaps, or a Universal Audio 610 instead of an Audient. The ability to introduce some harmonic distortion in a preamp has become popular in recent years, with products such as Audient's HMX 'harmonic sculpting technology' and SSL's VHD 'Variable Harmonic Drive' circuitry, for example. However, Dave Hill's Europa 1 goes far beyond these relatively simple ideas and provides considerably more flexible and creative options, both in harmonic control and — perhaps more importantly — with the remarkably useful slew-rate control feature. This is a truly impressive product, and one that is going to become extremely popular. It's well worth checking out if you are thinking of expanding your mic-preamp armoury."

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