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Manley Force

Manley Force

Manley Force er en fire-kanals mikrofonforsterker, med rør-teknologi hentet fra Manley Core og Manley VoxBox. Håndbygget proprietær inngangstrafo - i "jønn", som dem ville sagt på Hedmarken - iron wound transformer på det lokale språket. I sin prisklasse er dette nærmest en revolusjonerende bra mikrofonforforsterker, og med fire slike fantastisk vellydende mikrofoninnganger, vil ethvert studio være godt dekket på den fronten. Manley har en helt unik forforsterker som låter eksklusivt, dyrt og veldig imponerende. Med Force i front, har du gitt dine inngangssignaler de beste levevilkår for en utmerket produksjon.

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From the CORE, the FORCE incorporates the same proprietary hand-wound Manley Iron® mic input transformers and 12AX7 vacuum tube amplifying stage operating from 300 V rails. Each channel includes a high-impedance, ¼" instrument input as well as an XLR microphone input. On the front, each channel features a 120 Hz high-pass filter, variable input-level pad, phase invert, selectable +48V phantom power, and a high/low gain switch. The CNC machined faceplate features seven-way LED metering for each channel providing instant visible feedback for audio levels. The universal power supply accepts any voltage or frequency from anywhere in the world facilitating travel for international recording projects. As with all Manley gear, each unit is painstakingly hand-wired using silver solder and audiophile-grade components, and hand-built in California.

"From the onset I wanted this product to blow the doors off the price-to-value ratio, while retaining every single ounce of Manley quality, reliability, and integrity," explains Manley Labs President and co-founder EveAnna Manley. "Everyone is wondering how we could possibly do this for $2,500. We achieved this by prioritizing what really matters-delivering that signature Manley sound-and by engineering it to build efficiently. We really paid attention to how it pops together."

Handcrafted in the USA. Built like a tank. Designed to endure.

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