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Tascam TrackPack 1x2

Tascam TrackPack 1x2

En flott startpakke med Tascam's minste USB-lydkort (US-1x2), samt TH-02 (lukket hodetelefon) og TM-180 (studiomikrofon). Den medfølgende Cubase programvaren gjør at du kan produsere musikk umiddelbart etter at kortet er installert på en PC eller Mac og programvaren installert. Kabel og bordstativ til mikrofon er også inkludert i pakken. US1x2 har en god mikrofoninngang, og dette er en flott løsning enten du vil ha ditt første hjemmestudio, eller man trenger et ultrakompakt låtskriveroppsett i et profesjonelt miljø. De større lydkortene brukes av profesjonelle brukere og flere kringkastingsinstitusjoner, men selv om US-1x2 er liten, er samme grunnkvalitet benyttet på komponentnivå.

  • En høykvalitets Ultra-HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) mikrofoninngang
  • Støtter innspilling opp til 96 kHz / 24 bit og støtte for Windows, Mac og iOS operativsystemer
  • Pakken inkluderer TM-180 kondensatormikrofon og TH-02 hodetelefon
  • USB 2.0 - og ingen lytte-forsinkelse
  • US1x2 kan også brukes til iOS-enheter med riktig lightning-adapter

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The newest member of TASCAM's US series of USB 2 recording interfaces, the US-1x2 delivers 24-bit, 96 kHz desktop recording at an amazingly low price point. Suitable for singer/songwriters, podcasters, and small home studios, the compact US-1x2 interface is highly portable and can be USB bus-powered for mobile operation with a Mac or Windows laptop. A secondary 5 VDC mini-USB power input is provided for iOS devices and for standalone operation in practice sessions.

The US-1x2 sports Ultra-HDDA mic preamp which uses discrete components and features an impressive -125 dBu EIN rating and 101 dB signal-to-noise ratio. The preamp's 57 dB gain range and the interface's switchable +48V phantom power make the US-1x2 usable with almost any type of microphone, including dynamic, condenser, or ribbon mics.

Input 2 can be switched between front- and rear-panel jacks. The front panel boasts a switchable, 1/4-inch line/instrument input that enables recording a mono line-level signal (say, from a synth or mixer) or capturing a guitar or electric bass without needing a direct box. On the unit's rear, a pair of RCA line inputs admit signals from stereo consumer audio devices, such as tape decks and media players.

Tascam US-1x2

A recording environment with low noise and great audio performance is a relevant factor for vocal and, in particular, wind instruments. The US-1x2 features an Ultra-HDDA microphone preamplifier with an EIN figure of –127 dBu. This very low noise level makes this interface the ideal tool for recording with condenser microphones. You can also plug in your electric guitar or bass directly using the line/instrument input and use plug-in effects on your computer recording (DAW) software. Or connect any instrument amplifier’s line output to the line input of the US-1x2.

The US-1x2 is also a great tool for composing on the road. Combine it with an iPad and you can record your ideas with high quality wherever you go. Even if you’re not so familiar with recording equipment, the US-1x2’s user-friendly design enables you to use it right away.


  • Ultra-HDDA mic preamp
  • Equivalent input noise: –127 dBu
  • Overall S/N ratio: 100 dB
  • Separate inputs for mics and instruments / line level sources
  • Separate controls for line and headphones outputs
  • Zero-latency monitoring

TM-180 Studio-microphone:
The TM-180 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that brings warmth and brightness to your home or project studio recordings. It offers a wide frequency response for precise and smooth reproduction of vocals, acoustic string instruments, brass instruments and other sound sources. A switchable low-cut filter allows you to add clarity by reducing the amount of unwanted low-frequency sounds or to compensate for the proximity effect in close miking. There is also a switchable level attenuation that reduces the risk of distortion caused by excessively loud sounds. And the cardioid directivity pattern enables the TM-180 to pick up the intended source while rejecting off-axis sounds.

TH-02 closed-back headphones:
TH-02 are closed-back, stylish headphones that deliver a sound you have to hear to believe, and at a price you can’t ignore. Tascam spent over a year comparing technologies, designs and methods to provide you with an amazing product for less than a third of the usual cost. The TH-02 headphones can easily be a part of your everyday accessories but also fit into your recording or performing workflow. Truly listen to the details of your music and media while enjoying comfort and flexibility. With the TH-02 headphones, Tascam (as always) has delivered first-class quality, style and design at a price everyone can appreciate. Pick one up today and find out for yourself.

Teknisk informasjon

Sampling frequencies   44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz
Quantization bit depth   16/24 bits
Analogue audio inputs
Mic input (balanced, IN1)   XLR-3-31 (1: GND, 2: HOT, 3: COLD)
  Input impedance   2.4 kΩ
  Nominal input level (gain knob at max.)   −65 dBu (0.0004 Vrms)
  Nominal input level (gain knob at min.)   −8 dBu (0.0775 Vrms)
  Maximum input level   +8 dBu (1.9467 Vrms)
  Maximum gain   57 dB
Line/instrument input (balanced/unbalanced, IN2)   6.3-mm standard TRS stereo jack
(Tip: HOT, Ring: COLD, Sleeve: GND)
  When set to LINE (balanced)    
  Input impedance   10 kΩ
  Nominal input level (gain knob at max.)   −41 dBu (0.0069 Vrms)
  Nominal input level (gain knob at max.)   +4 dBu (1.228 Vrms)
  Maximum input level   +20 dBu (7.75 Vrms)
  Maximum gain   45 dB
  When set to INST (unbalanced)    
  Input impedance   ≥1 MΩ
  Nominal input level (gain knob at max.)   −51 dBV (0.0028 Vrms)
  Nominal input level (gain knob at max.)   –6 dBV (0.5015 Vrms)
  Maximum input level   +4 dBV (1.584 Vrms)
  Maximum gain   45 dB
Line input L/R (unbalanced)   RCA
  Input impedance   10 kΩ
  Maximum input level   +10 dBV (3.162 Vrms)
Analogue audio outputs
Line output L/R (unbalanced)   RCA
  Output impedance   100 Ω
  Maximum output level   +6 dBV (1.995 Vrms)
Headphones output   6.3-mm standard stereo jack
  Maximum output power   18 mW + 18 mW or higher
(THD+N 0.1% or less, 32 Ω)
Other inputs and outputs
USB   4-pin USB B-type
  Transfer rate   USB 2.0 Hi-speed (480 Mbits/s)
Power supply (DC IN 5V)   USB Micro B type
Audio performance
Mic preamp EIN (equivalent input noise)   −127 dBu or less
(150 Ω termination, gain knob at max.)
Frequency response (input to line or headphones* output)
  44.1/48 kHz   20 Hz: +0/−0.5 dB (JEITA)
20 kHz: +0/–0.5 dB (JEITA)
20 kHz: +0/–1 dB* (JEITA)
  88.2/96 kHz   20 Hz: +0/−0.5 dB (JEITA)
40 kHz: +0/−1.0 dB (JEITA)
40 kHz: +0/–3.0 dB* (JEITA)
S/N ratio   100 dB or higher
(22-kHz LPF, A-weighted, line input to line output, gain knob at min., standalone mode, JEITA)
Distortion   0.006 % or less
(1-kHz sine wave, line input to line output, rated input level, max. output level, standalone mode, JEITA)
Crosstalk   95 dB or more
(1-kHz sine wave, line input to line output, standalone mode, JEITA)
Host computer requirements
  Supported operating systems   Windows 10, 32 bits or 64 bits
Windows 8.1, 32 bits or 64 bits
Windows 7, 32 bits or 64 bits, SP1 or later
  Computer hardware requirements   Windows-compatible computer with a USB 2.0 port
  CPU/processor speed   2 GHz or faster dual core processor (x86)
  Memory   2 GB or more
  Supported audio drivers   ASIO 2.0, WDM
  Supported operating systems   macOS Sierra (10.12 or later)
OS X El Capitan (10.11 or later)
OS X Yosemite (10.10 or later)
  Computer hardware requirements   Mac with a USB 2.0 port
  CPU/processor speed   2 GHz or faster dual core processor
  Memory   2 GB or more
  Supported audio driver   Core Audio
iOS device   iOS device running iOS 7 or later
  Supported audio driver   Core Audio for iPhone
Power supply and other specifications
Power supply
  Used with a computer   USB bus power
  Used with an iOS device   USB power adapter (that can supply 5 V and a current of at least 700 mA)1
External battery pack (that can supply 5 V and a current of at least 700 mA)2
Power consumption   2.5 W
Dimensions (H × W × D, without protrusions)   146 mm × 55 mm × 120 mm
Weight   623 g
Operating temperature range   5–35 °C
1 We strongly recommend using a Tascam PS-P520E or the USB power adapter included with the iPad/iPhone. No USB power adapter is included with an iPod Touch. To use it with an iPod Touch, purchase a genuine Apple USB power adapter (that can supply 5 V and a current of at least 700 mA) separately.
2 We strongly recommend using a Tascam BP-6AA external battery pack. If using another external battery pack or mobile battery, purchase one that can supply 5 V and a current of at least 700 mA.

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