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TC Electronic Aeon

TC Electronic Aeon

En spennende nyhet for alle gitarister: TC Electronic Aeon - strenge sustainer (i mangel av et bedre ord). Aeon er på mange måter en moderne versjon av den klassiske eBow'en. Sjekk ut videoen under så ser du hvordan denne kan være en kreativ gnist for din videre utvikling i gitarspillet ditt!

PS! Nettopp kommet inn på lager i Norge.

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The TC Electronic AEON Handheld Infinite Sustainer is the ultimate tool for creating endless, spaced-out soundscapes, prolonged notes, and mountains of cascading sonic beauty. Its lightweight and compact design allows players to hold it comfortably throughout performances, while its rugged aluminium enclosure ensures it survives life on the road. Built with custom-made transducers that vibrate the strings, the TC Electronic AEON can produce incredibly expressive tones and classic effects like bowed arpeggios, bouncy spiccato, sweeping legatos, and plenty of other dynamic expressions. Its deep groove offers plenty of string clearance, providing players with incredible control over the subtle nuances of each note. Also featuring a power saving mode to help preserve battery life, the TC Electronic AEON is the perfect tool to let your creativity bloom in new and exciting ways.


Create Inspiring New Sounds

The AEON from TC Electronic provides players with an infinite sustain device that delivers prolonged notes as well as swells of spaced-out soundscapes. Placing the effect in your hand rather than at your feet provides instant access to a whole new world of captivating guitar expressions found mostly on bowed instruments. Its custom-made transducers cause the strings to vibrate vigorously while the deep groove provides plenty of string clearance, providing players with excellent control over the dynamics of each note. Tap into soaring bowed arpeggios and vibrantly-bouncing spicate or create endless sustain and sweeping legatos with ease. Moving the AEON closer to the pickup with create dynamic volume swells, much like on a bowed instrument, while other techniques will provide access to a wide variety of ethereal effects.

Stylish Road-Worthy Construction

To ensure the AEON can survive life on the road, its enclose is crafted from strong brushed aluminium to create a stylish yet sturdy construction. Its comfortable and ergonomic grip ensures players can perform all night long without discomfort, and its single button offers a simple yet fast operation. The TC Electronic Infinite Sustainer also features an intuitive power saving function, automatically switching off the device after 8 minutes of inactivity to help preserve battery life during long performance on stage or in the studio.


  • Handheld infinite sustainer made from high-quality materials
  • Powerful custom-made transducers for fast string excitement
  • Cool and compact build for ease of use
  • Create inspiring new sounds including drones, fade-ins, bowing and more
  • Increased string clearance allows for incredibly expressive and dynamic playing
  • Works with guitar, bass and other steel stringed instruments
  • Stylish brushed aluminum enclosure design for surviving life on the road


  • Construction: Brushed Aluminium
  • Electronics: Custom-Made Transducers
  • Controls: On/Off Button
  • Power Supply: 9V Battery (Included)
  • Power Saving: Turns Off After 8 Minutes of Inactivity

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