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TC Electronic Echobrain Analog Delay

TC Electronic Echobrain Analog Delay

Echobrain æ'kke helt bra for hjernen. Den kan faktisk gjøre deg lam i huet...
(I hvertfall hvis du ikke kjøper denne fabelaktige analoge bucket brigade pedalen til tilsvarende sum som du bruker på en kinotur med en halvliter på Aker Brygge i etterkant. Og da har du ikke engang råd til T-bane billett etterpå.) Bestiller du før klokka 14:30, sendes den fra vårt lager samme dag.

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EchoBrain is the natural choice for every vintage delay nut out there. Sporting a classic, all-analog bucket brigade design, this compact delay pedal is set to serve up all the warm echoes, and gorgeous runaway delays you could ever need. Kick it in and get ready to hear the echo-angels sing. EchoBrain is your ticket to those iconic delay tones of yesteryear. You won't find any pristine digital delays or futuristic multi-tap echoes here. Instead you'll find lush and organic repeats that'll carry your notes away on a brilliant bed of ambience. Perfect for Gilmour-esque solos, Albert Lee-like slapbacks or fluttery post-rock chord progressions.

The all-analog bucket brigade circuit inside EchoBrain will give you up to 300ms of delay time. At lower delay time settings your echoes will be more pristine and punchy, but the longer you make it, the more you'll begin to introduce that natural high-end roll-off that's the essence of a great analog echo. Now crank the repeats and introduce some glorious self-oscillation for epic Radiohead-ish runaway delays.

EchoBrain captures the tones of the past perfectly, but without having to house them in the big old clunky enclosures of the past. Instead you get beautiful tones encapsulated in a compact metal chassis with top-mounted I/Os, so no matter your pedalboard size you'll always have room for great delay tones.

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